ARAGO Helper : online user guidance for SuccessFactors
Digital Adoption Extension

ARAGO Helper : online user guidance for SuccessFactors

The compass to guide, help, engage and train users in adopting SuccessFactors


With ARAGO Helper, no more need for user manuals. Support to your SuccessFactors solutions usage is now live, on the screen.


Users are guided step by step, click by click, in their navigation in the tool.

Online tutorial developed by ARAGO Consulting with myMeta technology

  • The best way to empower employees and leaders and keep them up to date.
  • A dynamic tutorial embedded in your HRIS.
  • Easy and fast deployment.
  • Aligned with your process and look & feel.


ARAGO Helper embeds myMeta technology into SAP SuccessFactors modules such as Performance & Goals, Learning, with our Success2Learning offer, also in our pre-packaged Fast Track configurations for SuccessFactors.








Digital transformations fail due to a lack of user adoption and behavioural change. (PwC)

Survey respondents say they have experienced some form of change fatigue. (Strategy & Global Culture and Change Management Survey)

Senior executives say that their biggest challenge is getting their staff to use the software. (Merkle Group)

Boost your annual review campaigns!

When accessing SuccessFactors Performance and Goals Management solution, employees and managers find it difficult to perform their tasks through the user guide and would like to be guided interactively.


boost your annual review campaigns



Providing digital adoption extension enhances the user experience and prevents from wasting time and money in building user guides.

ARAGO Helper is specifically configured for SuccessFactors Performance and Goals module.