Sap Successfactors and IBM Watson Talent recruiting solutions
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IBM Watson Talent

ARAGO Consulting and IBM Watson Talent Solutions introduce Cognitive and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to enhance your candidate experience, increase the effectiveness of your recruitment processes and develop a stronger Employer Brand.



IBM Watson Talent solutions are integrated with SAP SuccessFactors

Designed to integrate with any Applicant Tracking System or full HR Information System, IBM Watson Talent solutions are fully imbedded with SAP SuccessFactors through the integration developed by ARAGO Consulting.


Cognitive allows for users to interact with the system just like with a human being, by asking questions in a natural language and getting answers we can relate to. The system becomes able to understand unstructured data, contextualize, argue, prioritize and make recommendations helping the candidate or employee to make better decisions.


ARAGO Consulting proposes 3 different offers for IBM’s Watson Talent Solutions, one for the candidate, another for the recruiter and a third for the employee:


  • IBM Watson Candidate Assistant will enhance the candidate’s experience when visiting your job site by developing engagement through a cognitive Chatbot. This AI powered Personal Advisor will engage the job seeker in a deeper conversation about the company and recommend jobs that are relevant to job seeker’s skills and interests. It will also reduce potential discouragement and eventual abandonment by the candidate when faced with an immense list of jobs requisitions by easily filtering the ones that better fit the required criteria instead of having to go through each one individually.
  • IBM Watson Recruitment uses data analytics and internal and external data sources to attract the best candidates for any job – ‘best’ being measured in terms of expected performance in a role. It is a cognitive recruitment solution, designed to improve quality of hire and improve recruiter efficiency.
  • IBM Watson Career Coach is able to provide career recommendations to an employee based on current skill levels and role preferences. It is a cognitive solution that discovers an employee’s true desires and abilities and matches them with opportunities within a company resulting in higher employee engagement, retention, growth and internal mobility.