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Change Management

Acompanhamento da mudança desde as fases iniciais do seu projecto para facilitar a adopção da uma nova solução.


ARAGO Consulting’s Agile Approach

The optimized approach for SaaS is to intentionally develop and enhance specific requirements in the post-deployment cycle. The result is an accelerated deployment, greater innovation and higher user adoption. ARAGO Consulting has developed its own Change Management methodology to fit the particularity of SaaS projects.


HRIS Kick Off Meeting

ARAGO Consulting’s and his client’s teams work closely together to define the best strategy to make stakeholders achieve the SuccessFactors objectives.


Change Impact and Resistance Analysis

Impact analysis is a key aspect of responsible requirements management. The need for performing impact analysis is obvious for major enhancements. However, unexpected complications can work below the surface of even minor change requests.


Communication on Innovation

ARAGO Consulting will conduct Communication Plan workshop as a proactive measure to ensure that everyone in the organization gets the right information in a timely manner.


Users Training Process

Training is another lever of the Change Plan that needs to be carefully addressed. ARAGO Consulting accompanies the organization throughout the training project: training strategy definition, session animation, “how to” guides.


Team Support

At ARAGO Consulting, we believe support to users is a very important lever of change. During Support Plan workshop we can contribute to formalize the way the support will be given and who will be the owner.


HR Advice & Business Consulting Services

Nous vous accompagnons tout au long de votre projet de SIRH, non seulement comme expert technique, mais également comme un partenaire de confiance dès les phases amont, avec des prestations de HR Advice & Business Consulting Services.