Time and Attendance, and Workforce Forcecasting and Scheduling cloud solutions

ARAGO Consulting is the first HCM actor to offer WorkForce Software's Time and Attendance Management, and Workforce Forecasting and Scheduling solutions in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

WorkForce Software

Automation of complex labor management processes

WorkForce Software's EmpCenter® suite is a flexible, robust, and fully integrated Time and Attendance Management process automation solution for your HRIS. WorkForce Software's sophisticated capabilities automate the most sophisticated workflow, scheduling, and leave management processes, effectively responding to regulatory and legal compliance requirements for payroll, schedules and holidays, and providing decision-makers wiyh real time, global view to guide strategic decisions.

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Workforce Forecasting and Scheduling

Workforce Forecasting and Scheduling is at the heart of the issues of productivity and profitability, but also of work / life balance.

In certain industries such as retail, hotel and leisure, precise HR scheduling represents a very significant lever of competitiveness, in contexts of large variations in workforce requirements. The Workforce Forecasting and Scheduling tool evaluates millions of scheduling variations and provides managers with an instant view of assumptions to avoid overstaffing and understaffing while maximizing productivity within the budgeted payroll, and employee satisfaction.

  • Anticipate labor demand based on actual demand, taking into account the seasonality and peaks of daily activity for each establishment.
  • Plan the appropriate workforce, taking into account the individual preferences of employees, their availability, the company's HR policy and the labor laws in force.
  • Automatically generate optimized HR schedules, aligned to budget and performance indicators (labor and sales ratios, attendance, absenteeism, etc.).
  • Involve collaborators with collaborative planning, accessible via mobiles.

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