Change Management is a key factor to the success of SAP Concur projects
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Change Management is a key factor to the success of SAP Concur projects

Digital SAP Concur Travel & Expense solution has already convinced 45,000 companies around the world. But adoption involves methodically preparing change management for maximum user engagement.


Feedback from Christoph von Platen, SAP Concur expert at ARAGO Consulting.


Be Accompanied for A Truly Tailored Solution


The second largest expense item for companies, travel and expense represent a major issue. With Concur Travel & Expense, they gain in rigor, visibility and optimize their operating costs.


For employees, this type of solution simplifies the burden of expense reports.


The principle is easy: receipts and proof of expenses are photographed with the mobile of the collaborator then the software processes the data until the final refund.


To take full advantage of this modern solution, it is wise to be accompanied by a specialized partner.


Why? Simply to benefit from a methodology in line with the typology of your company and your management mode, according to your real needs and the profile of your employees. Only an external partner will really be able to size the change and the type of training required. And because Concur Travel & Expense allows many settings, he will also guide you to the best choices.


Successful Sap Concur Deployment Means Involving Employees


From the project phase, it will be necessary to create a test panel of users by integrating the most resistant to change in order to understand what can hinder them. Not to mention the more agile profiles to ensure that they meet their degree of maturity. These will then be ambassadors of the solution within the company. All departments must of course be associated (Finance, HR, Purchasing, IT …) because SAP Concur Travel & Expense implies changes in all practices and more particularly those of the back office.


Another step not to neglect: user training.


I advise to opt for personalized communication tools such as a user guide to the colors of the company in order to facilitate the adhesion of the collaborators.


Finally, the testing phase is crucial.


It’s time to check that all needs are covered! And to convince with a demo and a grip. Not to mention the regular reminder of the concrete benefits of Concur Travel & Expense: 30 minutes maximum per month to realize its expense report instead of 3 to 4 hours. And much faster refunds!


At ARAGO Consulting, Where the Solution Is in Place, 100% Of Users Have Adopted It from The First Month of Use.


After a career with major groups in the corporate travel industry (IHG, HRG, American Express) Christoph von Platen, EMEA Business Developement Manager, has been working on the Concur offering within SAP for 3 years, before joining ARAGO Consulting in 2017 to develop the SAP Concur activity in all the markets in which ARAGO Consulting operates.


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