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Applicant Management

Win the right people for the future with excellent recruiting processes.

Efficient recruiting processes are important, but excellent applicant management is one of the critical drivers of a company’s success: if you can find the right people to work for you, you will have a decisive competitive advantage. You can achieve effective applicant management by involving managers and team members. From drafting the job description to final selection of the candidate, you can rely on paperless applicant management. Your candidates can submit their application to you quickly and simply in 90 seconds and we enable you to react swiftly to applications from top candidates. All you have to do is invite them to interview. It takes just ten minutes.

Employee Referal Programm

Develop the potential of your employees’ networks for optimal recruiting results.

Find talent that really fits your company. With the digital employee referral program you can actively integrate your employees and their networks in the recruiting process.

Advantage: While you easily establish contact with top talent, your employees benefit from attractive rewards.


With an onboarding solution, integrate new employees enthusiastically and make them productive faster.

Around 30% of all companies receive notices of termination before the first working day. This means high costs and a lot of effort for the personnel department. The demands of new employees on their future employers have increased significantly, so that signing a contract today is no guarantee that the desired candidate will actually take up the job. With our onboarding solution you get the perfect tool to stay in close contact with your employees from the moment the contract is signed and to train them individually and gradually.
Show your desired candidate appreciation right from the start thanks to personal support – even before the first day at work. In this way, thoughts of dismissal before the first day of work will not even arise. The onboarding solution can be used via the app or the (mobile) website.

Goal Setting

Inspire your employees with appraisals and see the success of the company increase in dimensions that you can measure.

A clear goal set by mutual agreement is important for calculating performance-oriented components of compensation. How well individual goals and targets derived from company goals have been achieved can be measured at any time because the process is transparent.


Efficient compensation payment processes leave more room for value creating HR projects.

Performance-oriented compensation

If the payroll process is not structured efficiently, any company will, sooner or later, get into serious difficulties. Value creating HR work is only possible if as few resources as possible are tied up in non-value creating tasks such as calculation of base salary and bonuses. Complete your payment processing quickly, simply and transparently, and keep sight of the big picture and budget ceilings at all times. We additionally offer flexible adjustment options for different compensation models. So you can create efficient compensation processes and free up precious resources for value creating projects.

Personal Development

Establish good personnel development as part of everyday life at work. Watch the success of your company grow in the long term.

Good personnel development is not just the job of HR, it should be in the entrepreneurial DNA. Personnel development needs to become an integral part of everyday life at work. Supporting the professional development of employees, and thus winning their long-term service for the company, places tough requirements on superiors and HR executives alike and should not be something that happens once a year in employee appraisals. Our solution helps you to identify current training and development needs and to run programs accordingly.

Training & Development

Employees are your most valuable asset in achieving long-term success for the company. Excellence in training management guarantees that you stay successful in the long term.

You can create the most impactful advertising campaign, the most efficient processes, but the most valuable asset in attaining long-term success for your company will always be people. And to ensure that your people remain your best asset , you need to implement an effective offering that is efficiently managed so that your employees are guaranteed the best possible opportunities for personal development.Our solution supports executives in charge of training and seminars with planning, announcements and execution of training and development, from in-house training to Learning-on-the-Job programs. No matter whether you are dealing with registrations, informing participants or measuring the effectiveness of the program, you have at your disposal an online training management program that processes both in-house and external training courses conveniently and easily.

Succession Planning

Give clear perspectives for employee development and show career paths.

Succession Planning – appoint the right people to key positions

Identifying successors and planning career tracks are essential tasks in ensuring that key positions are never left unoccupied for any length of time. Planning the future in this way is decisive for the steady growth of the company and long-term success. Identify the most important line management and general management posts. Focus on these key positions and make personnel risks transparent so that qualified successors can be appointed in good time. By plotting the trajectory of careers, you also show employees the way up and give them a glimpse of what they could achieve within the company.