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Een nieuwe complete HRIS, live in slechts 9 maanden


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UKG HR Service Delivery
Application UKG HR Service Delivery for SuccessFactors

Franse particuliere audiovisuele groep, leider van gratis televisie in Frankrijk. De implementatie van een volledige HRIS maakt deel uit van een globaal transformatieproject van de TF1-groep, waarvan de HR-functie één van de pijlers is. Het TF1-project is in 2018 bekroond met een "SAP Quality Award".

Context & Goals:

The implementation of a new, comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) system is part of a global transformation project for the TF1 group, whose HR function is a major pillar:


  • Complete change of Human Resources organisation,
  • Standardization of HR processes,
  • Replace the best-of-breed applications previously implemented with a fully integrated solution to manage an end-to-end employee’s career.
  • Full dematerialisation of HR documents and archiving


SAP SuccessFactors cloud HCM suite has established itself as the best response to the TF1 requirements, with its modular, integrated approach.

ARAGO Consulting helped TF1 group to meet the challenge of a change in HCM system within a very short period of time.

They divided the project into 3 seperate lots in order to have the full solution live in only 9 months.


The TF1 Group has also implemented UKG HR Service Delivery (formerly PeopleDoc) to address the challenges of HR dematerialisation in the “Company Space”, “Employee” and Electronic Signature areas.

This choice of solutions was brought by the possibility of integrating UKG HR Service Delivery and SuccessFactors to automate the generation of documents from HR administrative data.



  • Simplification of HR processes.
  • End-to-end career management in a unique tool.
  • Ability to map the skills for analytical and shared vision of workforce.
  • Implementation of tools to support the Group’s recruitment strategy.
  • Smooth integration between PeopleDoc and UKG HR Service Delivery.
  • Significant time savings on signatures and document generation.
  • Easy adoption and easy to use.
  • Financial savings due to the dematerialisation of archiving.


TF1 project has been awarded by “SAP Quality Award” in 2018.


Outstanding responsiveness and skills of the ARAGO Consulting teams
Fabrice SERICOLA HR Shared Services Director, Group TF1


How does the UKG HR Service Delivery solution integrate with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central for HR dematerialisation?