ICUBE: Fast-Track om de HR-processen te harmoniseren
SAP SuccessFactors Fast Track

ICUBE: Fast-Track om de HR-processen te harmoniseren


Voeding & Drank


Hoe de HR-processen van ICUBE harmoniseren met Fast-Track?


SAP SuccessFactors solutions:

  • Employee Central module
  • Performance & Goals module
  • LMS module

Fast Track

Created in 1949, the Castel Group is a Major Player in the African Beverage Industry. The business is focused on production and delivery of a wide range of beverages, such as beers, soft drinks, energy drinks, premix cocktails and water. iCube, the Group’s IT subsidiary, is a Supplier Shared Service Centre dedicated to the Group’s subsidiaries.


Key figures: 680,000,000€  turnover

Workforce: 30,000 employees


Context and goal


ICUBE was looking for the best HR cloud solution on market, but we also needed to go fast for deploying a pilot.

Our main problematics:

  • The maturity gap between all our countries regarding to HR processes.
  • For some subsidiaries, process are on the run but application is missing and it doesn’t cover all needs.
  • For others subsidiaries, lack of running processes and tools.




So, we researched an integrator, which would give us a methodology for deploying faster, based on best practices coming from other companies. ARAGO was able to propose us its « Fast Track » approach, and it did fit perfectly. We have deployed a pilot for 3 firsts countries : Algeria, Ivory Coast and Gabon, with SuccessFactors modules Employee Central + add-on Time-Off, Performance & Goals and Learning Management System.

In conclusion, we were able to deploy faster and better, and our subsidiaries were finally very satisfied about the operational result.



Working during pandemic


We’ve had moments of reflexion and reinvention in a lot of ways we work.

I think we’ve had an experience about questioning a lot of principles, practices, assumptions, and beliefs that were true at work for a long time that we shifted in a record time.

We’ve made so far a lot of changes, just to mention a few i would list:

  • Virtually recruiting and onboarding employees.
  • Shifting to the Management of remote/hybrid teams.
  • We also cut the business travels entirely.