Hager Group: één enkel HR-platform voor de transformerende wereldwijde groep
SAP SuccessFactors, Post Go-live Support en AMS

Hager Group: één enkel HR-platform voor de transformerende wereldwijde groep




Globale Employee Central-implementatie in een big bang-benadering (Core HR in een mastermodus voor alle landen)


SAP SuccessFactors:

  • Employee Central
  • Performance & Goals
  • Recruiting
  • Calibration
  • Learning

Post Go-live Support and AMS

Het ambitieuze programma van Hager Group is gericht op het aanbieden van één enkel HR-platform, gebruiksvriendelijk op verschillende apparaten, met nauwkeurige realtime informatie en zelfbediening voor werknemers en managers, in een groeiende en transformerende organisatie.

Context and goals:

Hager Group is a leading provider of solutions and services for electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

A European Company headquartered in Blieskastel, Germany, Hager Group is, nevertheless, a worldwide business: 11,500 employees based in more than 30 countries generated a turnover of around 2 billion euros in 2018.


The first huge challenge that Hager and ARAGO Consulting faced together was Employee Central’s implementation: the core HR.

Other SuccessFactors modules (Performance & Goals, Recruiting, Learning) were already live but the global HR processes had to be reviewed.



A global Employee Central deployment (master mode for all countries) in a big bang approach was the target.

Functional scope for core HR deployment included:

  • Core HR process reengineering.
  • Employee Central (EC) Global Template definition + 12 EC Localization process onsite.
  • Rework of the existing SAP SuccessFactors modules: Performance and Goals Management (PM/GM), Recruiting, and LMS.
  • Payroll integration for 11 countries (SAP HCM and 3rd party PY providers).
  • Corporate integration processes: AD and FI/CO.


Further to EC deployment, following steps were implemented:

  • Post Go-live support on all modules of the suite implemented.
  • Calibration implementation.
  • PM/GM for indirect workers implementation.



  • Standardization of HR processes in all countries of establishment.
  • One single HR platform: “DhRIVE”, for “Digital HR Information for Value & Effectiveness”.
  • Global HRIS governance.
  • Direct access to the organizational structure for each employee.
  • Improved user experience and quality of HR service.


“At HAGER Group, we recognize the added value to have a strong partnership with a dedicated partner like ARAGO Consulting. His knowledge of our system configuration and company context enables him to challenge us on each request and decision. ARAGO Consulting consultants are customer oriented and rely on a pool of international experts if needed to leverage at best what our solution can offer.”
Sonia RivetHRIS Project manager, Hager Group