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De nieuwe Travel en Expense Management oplossing maakt deel uit van de Intelligent Spend Management van morgen


Chemie, Farma


Digitaliseer Travel & Expense Management om de productiviteit te verhogen, fraudecontrole te verbeteren, compliance te verzekeren en de gebruikerservaring te optimaliseren.


SAP Concur:

  • Travel
  • Expense

De digitalisering van Travel and Expense management met SAP Concur maakt deel uit van financiële digitale transformatie strategie.

Context & Goals:

Galápagos is a clinical-stage biotechnology company, specialized in the discovery and development of small molecule medicines with novel modes of action, whose ambition is to become a leading global biopharmaceutical company, focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative medicines that will improve people’s lives.

Galápagos wanted to deploy a new solution to improve productivity, respect of the expense policy, better expense management and control of fraud and optimize user-experience. As a biotech company, Galápagos also faces specific and strategic compliance issues. Thus, being compliant with the Sunshine Act. The goal was also to support the growth of the company, and this, for the 10 countries where they are established.


SAP Concur is the best answer for the challenges faced by Galápagos. ARAGO Consulting was the preferred choice of Galápagos in order to implemement the Expenses & Travel solution of Concur and to adress the main challenges by:

  • Defining the Core model,
  • Ensuring the use of best practices,
  • Respecting time and regulatory constraints.

The added value were achieved by:

  • Supporting the «To Be» situation,
  • Efficient project management and functional / technical support,
  • Providing configuration on time for testing.


  • Travel and Expense is now an integral part of a company’s financial digital transformation strategy.
  • Paper receipts decline, smart receipts rise.
  • Pressure to increase productivity and simplify processes.
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement climb further and often goes hand in hand with employee safety and well-being.

“100% adoption, more efficiency from a user and back office perspective, fully integrated with our ERP, and last but not least, visibility to KPIs. ”
Michelle MertensAssociate Director Financial Controlling & Compliance, Galápagos

Watch our video on how Galápagos Optimized its Travel and Expense Strategy with SAP Concur solutions: