SAP SuccessFactors, wereldwijde support

Bureau Veritas :
HR omvormen tot een groeimotor voor de onderneming




In een sterk groeiende context, HR op een coherente manier beheren en de HR-dienstverlening verbeteren, overal in de wereld.


SAP SuccessFactors:

  • Module Employee Central
  • Module Recruiting
  • Module Performance & Goals
  • Module Compensation

De groep Bureau Veritas heeft gekozen voor een wendbaar en flexibel HRIS met SAP SuccessFactors om het HR-beheer te harmoniseren, en heeft de implementatie en wereldwijde ondersteuning toevertrouwd aan ARAGO Consulting. Het Bureau Veritas-project werd in 2018 bekroond met een "SAP Quality Award".

Context & Goals:

  • Manage HR consistently around the globe;
  • Improve the quality and the volume of HR data, on their entire workforce;
  • Provide reliable and timely dashboards in order to improve Bureau Veritas Group visibility;
  • Streamline and align HR processes in order to increase focus on strategic objectives.
  • Simplify recruiting for 10.000 hires per year.



Bureau Veritas needed agile HR processes and HCM system. They choose SAP SuccessFactors for its flexibility.

With SAP SuccessFactors and ARAGO Consulting’ support, Bureau Veritas built one core global model with common processes for all countries, while also allowing localisation and different languages. Employee Central core HR model was realized in phase 1 for 4 countries (USA, France, India, Mexico), and roll out was realized in phase 2, for Brazil, China, and Latam.




  • Significant progress in digitizing the workplace.
  • 1 unique system to manage all employee data and HR processes.
  • Time saving for talent management, recruitment, and to develop the human capital.
  • The best of both worlds: a global solution, with local characteristics.
  • Stronger regulatory compliance.
  • Better HR reporting and compensation management.


With SAP SuccessFactors, HR has become a valuable business partner to the management, and leads the way in terms of digitalisation to make Bureau Veritas a more productive, efficient, and agile organisation.”
Fernanda RIBEIROGroup HRIS Management Director, Bureau Veritas