List of Subprocessors

The following list, updated when required, provides an overview of ARAGO Consulting sub-processors providing data processing relevant services on behalf of ARAGO Consulting to its customers. A sub-processor is any further ARAGO Consulting affiliate, or third party involved by ARAGO Consulting (with a prior agreement from the final customers) that processes personal data (as defined in applicable data protection laws) on behalf of ARAGO Consulting and its customers or may have access to systems containing personal data.


Operation being sub-processed are:


  • Technical operation, parametrization and maintenance operation on SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions.
  • Data load of personal information in the corresponding systems based on instructions and data provided by the customers.


All question or contacts related to GDPR, data privacy or sub-processing must be sent to ARAGO Consulting’s Group Data Privacy Offcier:



ARAGO Consulting Group operates with the following partners