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ARAGO Consulting is a PeopleDoc certified reseller and service provider. PeopleDoc is the most innovative HR Service Delivery solution: fast to implement, easy to use,and easy to adapt when business needs change. Fully integrated with HRIS, PeopleDoc solution is designed to facilitate the day-to-day work of HR and to streamline communication with employees and managers.



Comprehensive, collaborative, and agile HR Service Delivery Solution

  • HR Document Management: centralize employees' documents, store, secure, manage, and share HR documents efficiently and compliantly, to free the HR function from a certain administrative burden.
  • Employee Portal and Case Management: empower employees to find their own relevant HR information, and also enable HR to route and rapidly respond to more complex, non-routine requests; provide employees with an employee portal, which serves as one point of contact for all HR-related information and requests, and is accessible via multiple devices.
  • Employee Onboarding: transition efficiently job candidates into engaged new employees with an automated onboarding solution that simplifies the onboarding process and connects new hires with the right information and people, creating a foundation for employee success.
  • HR Shared Services: improve operational efficiency and increase employee satisfaction with an innovative multi-tier approach to service delivery, to limit the volume of HR-submitted claims and deliver quality HR services at a lower cost.


Why PeopleDoc?

  • Designed for HR: innovative solutions to help HR address the unique challenges they face, and transform the HR function.
  • Easy, broad adoption: a platform designed for a personalized enjoyable user experience and to make people's jobs easier, configured to meet your needs, intuitive and designed for mobility.
  • Rapid implementation: ARAGO Consulting teams strive to help you rapidly adapt to your new platform and to realize value almost immediately.
  • Highly secure: certified platform, secure data and data centers, 99.5% uptime guarantee.... Because security is critical to HR.
  • Easy and immediate connexion to existing HR systems: the PeopleDoc solution was designed to connect easily to your existing HR systems. ARAGO Consulting has developed PeopleDoc integration with SAP SuccessFactors. A single login to access all your applications, via Single Sign-On (SSO).

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