ARAGO Ready for HR
Plug and Play HCM solution

ARAGO Ready for HR :
a Turnkey, Comprehensive, HCM Solution, Dedicated to SMEs

Most SMEs rely on Excel files, on the email tool, and some specific and heterogeneous solutions to manage performance, recruitments, hires, leaves and absences, compensation policy, learning, etc. Compiling these different sources and «make HR data speak» is a huge challenge!


To put an end to Excel, ARAGO Consulting designed and developed ARAGO Ready for HR, a turnkey HRIS solution to meet the expectations of HRDs and CEOs of SMEs

Administrative Management | Recruitment | Talent Management | Learning

ARAGO Ready for HR:
4 additional modules «all-inclusive» for SMEs




Your Comprehensive, Ready-to-Use HR Solution, with accelerated deployment

Based on the SAP SuccessFactors platform, ARAGO Ready for HR allows you to benefit from the best practices in the field of Human Resources and from the know-how of ARAGO Consulting, which has embedded 10 years of successful project experience in this pre-configured solution.


  • A complete view of your workforce and organisation.
  • An HRIS solution deployed in record time: 2 weeks are enough for each module.
  • Automated recruitment management.
  • An intuitive interface for an easy user adoption.
  • Dynamic reports delivered on a turnkey basis, able of querying the HR data chain from end to end.
  • Optimisation of your HRIS budget thanks to an all-inclusive subscription (licences, activation, support, training).


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PyMEs ¿Qué soluciones de gestión de RR. HH. adoptará para sus nuevos retos?

Para las PYMES, digitalizar la empresa y hacer más fluida la colaboración se ha vuelto más esencial que nunca. Para garantizar la sostenibilidad de su negocio en un entorno incierto, volátil y competitivo, las PYME expresan las mismas necesidades que los grandes grupos: una gestión más estricta de los recursos humanos, ¡pero sin la sofisticación de los procesos!

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