SAP SuccessFactors Release Highlights 2021 (1/2)
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SAP SuccessFactors Release Highlights 2021 (1/2)

The new SAP SuccessFactors release is coming soon! Are you ready for it?


You may have received some information, but did you have time to analyze the content of this new release?


ARAGO Consulting has taken the lead and is offering all its SAP SuccessFactors customers a free sum up analysis of this release through an exclusive webinar. During this presentation, our SAP SuccessFactors expert Sébastien Viot, highlights the main evolutions of each module of the SAP SuccessFactors suite: Recruiting, Onboarding/Offboarding, Employee Central, Talent Management, Performance & Goals, Succession, Learning, Compensation, Analytics



We propose to our customers to anticipate the changes that will appear automatically, but also the new functionalities that they may or may not choose to activate. Indeed, each release can have an impact on the SAP SuccessFactors environment and the next release will be effective between 21/05 and 24/05.



ARAGO Consulting also offers a support package that allows for a more detailed and personalized presentation of the changes in the modules for each release. This offer allows our customers to be guided in the choice of features to be implemented but also to be advised on the quick and easy implementation of these updates.



If you are interested in such a support offer, please contact us:


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