Implement a Work-From-Home Strategy with SAP SuccessFactors
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Implement a Work-From-Home Strategy with SAP SuccessFactors

The world has become more connected because of technological advancement. People have multiple options when it comes to job hunting. Geographical barriers to the mobility of labor is no longer an issue because of the internet. At least 42% of the labor force now works from the comfort of their homes. Securing and retaining the services of the critical labor force becomes a challenge for employers. But employees have a variety to choose from. They won’t hesitate to change ship if employers are not meeting their needs. So how do you win this talent war? The answer lies in SAP SuccessFactors. This blog post discusses four SAP SuccessFactors features that you can use to motivate your workforce as you implement a work-from-home strategy.


What Is SAP SuccessFactors?

This is a human experience management tool that exists in the cloud.


The tool allows managers to provide the workforce with people-focused experience. The experience recognizes that employees are different. As a result, the tool helps managers to get the best value from individuals while motivating them constantly. Below are some of the SAP SuccessFactors components that managers can use for remote working.



Managers face the challenge of ascertaining the skills of new remote workers. They struggle to confirm if these recruits possess the skills they claim to have. However, the SAP SuccessFactors onboarding feature gives you an edge. The solution allows you to orient recruits on their tasks and the goals they need to accomplish. Onboarding enables the organization to prepare and manage equipment for mailing to newbies if the need arises.


Managers and the recruit can complete any statutory paperwork through onboarding. The solution eliminates the need to have the recruits come to the office to complete the paperwork. This translates into huge cost reductions and time savings. The onboarding component is an efficient way of inducting new employees into the company’s structure.


Continuous Performance Management (CPM)

Performance management can act as a motivation factor for remote employees. It also allows managers to determine if the organization is getting value for its investment. CPM helps realize these benefits through two approaches – the activity tracker and the coaching capability. The activity tracker helps the manager to follow up on tasks that remote employees are handling. It also allows the manager to compare the employee’s performance against the target goals.


The coaching capability feature aids managers to engage with remote workers. Managers can engage with the workforce as a team or as individuals. The open line of communication ensures that managers can identify skill gaps in remote employees. Managers can then offer the necessary assistance. CPM sustains the back-and-forth engagement between managers and remote workers. A conversation on achievements and performance is crucial for motivating the workforce.


Goal Management

The feature is versatile as it allows for the setting of goals for employees as individuals or as a team. Goal management will also help managers set the goals for different levels of the organizational structure. The clarity in setting these goals is essential in guiding remote workers to complete their rightful activities.


Goal Management will help you set targets that align with the organization’s needs. Team goals help the manager to structure and organize the workforce. This enables distributed remote workers to deliver on their mandate at a given time. Managers need to appreciate that not all tasks are goal-oriented. They need to be cautious when making and assigning these goals. Otherwise, the employees may end up confused and distressed.



With Qualtrics, employees get the chance to share their ideas in the physical work-space. Ideas on what the organization can do to make their life comfortable to boost productivity. Organizations should not ignore this aspect when it comes to remote workers. Yes, they are working from the comfort of their home. But these workers have needs. If the organization can meet these needs, working from home becomes more comfortable. The need can be as simple as adjusting the work time schedule.


SAP SuccessFactors integrate Qualtrics into their modules. This component enables employers to conduct surveys on the employees. Survey results can help the organization identify areas that they can improve on. Additionally, an organization can combine survey results with existing data from HR. Analyzing the information concurrently can provide insights into the organizational trend. The firm can then prepare itself earlier enough to fit into the emerging trends.


Parting Shot

Hunting for recruits in the virtual workspace is becoming harder. There is an influx of employers who provide a wide pool for employees to choose from. More people are also embracing the idea of working from remote locations. This only means that securing physical labor will get harder by the day.


SAP SuccessFactors has multiple components to help organizations embrace the paradigm shift. The onboarding feature helps organizations hunt for fresh talent. CPM and goal management will assist in organizing tasks and enhance communication with remote workers. Qualtrics will help make remote workers comfortable in the virtual space where 30% of them suffer from work related-anxiety.