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The 365Talents for SAP SuccessFactors connector is available on the SAP Store

Simplify career paths within the company, engage employees, boost internal mobility: 365Talents for SAP SuccessFactors is the app that will boost your talent in SuccessFactors!


Firstbird365Talents is a platform specialized in the management of skills and business referentials, mobility, staffing and employee development. ARAGO Consulting has developed the integration of 365Talents with SAP SuccessFactors,to bring even more value to companies equipped with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central (core HR), Performance and Goals, Recruiting, and Learning modules. The 365Talents for SAP SuccessFactors connector is available for download on the SAP Store.





Give value to your HR data with 365Talents for SAP SuccessFactors


The power of the 2 solutions combined allows you to benefit from :


  • A more realistic view of skills, powered by a wealth of “Skills Centric” data now accessible from your platform,
  • A new profile, enriched to better engage employees in HR processes, to facilitate talent management, profile searches and staffing, and repository updates,
  • An enriched and better structured skills repository,
  • A better definition of jobs and skills to effectively engage your employees in your GPEC and better guide their careers,
  • More effective matching to manage mobility and succession,
  • Training suggestions based on the needs of the company and those of the employees, in line with their skills and their wishes for development,
  • A more relevant Talent Search, with more competencies and ways to express them,
  • More advanced competency assessments, to better support employees.