The 6 biggest challenges of the HR function in 2019 (4/6) <br> Artificial Intelligence, Process Automation and HR Chatbots
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The 6 biggest challenges of the HR function in 2019 (4/6)
Artificial Intelligence, Process Automation and HR Chatbots

Automation and artificial intelligence can be useful in different HR areas such as recruitment, talent management and, of course, administrative management. Indeed, the main purpose of these technologies is to free HR from time-consuming missions to focus on high value-added tasks.



Automation of HR processes


Recruitment and internal mobility


Process automation can have many benefits for HR, especially during the candidate selection phase. Indeed, you have the opportunity to propose, during the selection phase, different services to your recruiters in order to increase their pipeline of candidates and to identify more easily the quality applications. These pre-interviews can take different forms (questionnaires, videos, personality tests) in order to refine your selection more efficiently.


The algorithms and the augmented intelligence detect the skills of the candidate even if he has not described them explicitly through his experiences. The questionnaires are an excellent way to better select candidates and have a better view of their technical and behavioral skills. This automation allows a faster and more targeted selection of candidates based on the company’s expectations, allowing recruiters to gain considerable time when processing applications.


In the same idea, for internal mobility, employees can be offered positions based on their talent profile, their skills, their annual interviews but also on the feedbacks given by their pairs through continuous evaluation process and their career development goals.


Thus, automating these tasks frees up HR employees who can focus on other projects.





On the same reasoning as internal mobility, employees can be automatically offered training based on the profile and skills they wish to develop or acquire.


For example, it is possible to fill out a questionnaire on the aspirations and interests of employees. These responses will then be analyzed and the system will offer the training courses that are most suited to the employees’ expectations.


In addition, thanks to the development of Moocs and e-learning, training can now be completely dematerialized to be viewed and reused as we want. In short, this allows the company to save money on its training budgets, while offering a more personalized and flexible experience to its employees.


The time is for the individualization of training for employees, who look for more follow-up and personalized support.



Administrative management


Automation can simplify and speed up time-consuming and non-value-added administrative processes.


For example, employees’ holidays demand can be easily managed via an HR management platform such as SAP SuccessFactors. Thus, the employees can consult their balance of holidays, make their request which will be automatically transferred to the manager for validation. The requests by email or paper to manually enter the system are outdated! Today, 2 clicks are enough to validate his holidays!


HR document management is a challenge for all companies, from the signing of the contract to the departure of the employees. However, there are HR dematerialization solutions like PeopleDoc that offers a complete, collaborative and agile platform. In this way, HR and employees can access all their documents in real time, sign them, store them and share them digitally and automatically in a completely secure way.


“Over 75% of companies experience risk/compliance incidents are due to document process failures. ”


The reimbursement of employee expense claims is the second largest expense item of a company after the payroll. Thus, it is important to facilitate as much as possible the management of these expenses, which represent a significant workload. Automation is therefore playing a role in this process, especially through specially developed applications such as SAP Concur, which makes it easy for employees to apply for reimbursement. After an expense, a simple picture of the receipt with his phone is enough to send his request for reimbursement to the financial service. Once validated, the reimbursement is done automatically with the salary of the employee.



Analysis and Reporting


Process automation enables accurate analysis and reporting of almost any data you have (if you have the right to use them). Indeed, the various information provided by your employees (through questionnaires, feedback, interviews …) allow you to draw detailed reports on their needs, their feelings, their expectations in order to improve or optimize your actions.


Artificial intelligence can already help companies to know precisely their turnover and advise them on actions and HR projects according to the analysis of these reports!



HR Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence, which gradually invades all the functions of companies, quickly reached the service of human resources. While some see it as dehumanizing the HR function, it is actually an opportunity for HR professionals to focus on missions that a machine can’t accomplish.


The first image we have when we imagine virtual reality is chatbots. They revolutionize recruitment processes by providing candidates with an additional targeted and effective search tool while reducing the HR workload. What must be understood is that chatbots do not replace exchanges between recruiters and candidates. Indeed, they intervene upstream to refine job search of candidates and select the best profiles for recruiters.


The AI has the ability to analyze unstructured content to identify skills and mobility desires that may not have been detected by management or the HR function. The title and job description are no longer the sole criteria for choosing candidates.


In addition to the usefulness of a chatbot for recruitment, this tool can be used internally, throughout the career of employees.


Thanks to artificial intelligence, an employee can ask the chatbot his time off balance, the progress of his objectives or the training available according to his profile. Chatbots are more and more developed to act and respond as humans, so they become more specific in their understanding and actions.


The big trend in 2019 will be the development of vocal chatbots, allowing candidates or collaborators to ask questions out loud and get voice responses. The intelligence of chatbots will understand the key words and the context of the questions asked in order to answer as accurately as possible. They will be able to develop an understanding of the natural language and feelings of their interlocutors.



The benefits of an automated, intelligent and digital HR process


  • Time savings, productivity gains: With shorter and faster processes, your HR employees have the opportunity to save time. They can focus on missions for which they have value and experience to improve their performance and productivity.
  • A better employee experience: This is one of the 6 challenges of the HR function in 2019. Offering employees tools that facilitate their daily lives helps to develop their engagement and satisfaction, for the benefit of the employer brand.
  • Optimized exploitation of data: The data collected through an HRIS and linked to the functionalities of Artificial Intelligence will allow HR to obtain a clearer view on the performance of employees, their career aspirations … The company will be able to exploit HR data when making strategic decisions.


Artificial intelligence and all automated processes will continue to grow in the coming years and will push the boundaries of human resource management further. Thus, it is better to start now the digital transformation of the HR function to better understand these innovations.


The ARAGO board: If the digitization of your company’s entire HR function is too important, you can start by digitizing recruitment or talent management. Then you can digitize the other functions as you go, but as from the beginning you can earn the benefits