The new “PeopleDoc for SAP SuccessFactors” solution dedicated to SAP SuccessFactors customers
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The new “PeopleDoc for SAP SuccessFactors” solution dedicated to SAP SuccessFactors customers

PeopleDoc (now UKG) and ARAGO Consulting provides « PeopleDoc for SAP SuccessFactors », the first embedded HR service delivery solution for SAP SuccessFactors customers.




The partnership of two experts in HR digitization


PeopleDoc (now UKG), the HR Service Delivery pioneer, and ARAGO Consulting, a leading reseller and SAP SuccessFactors integrator in Europe, announced the availability of “PeopleDoc for SuccessFactors”, a packaged solution for SAP SuccessFactors customers who want to improve employee lifecycle support based on real-time triggers within SAP SuccessFactors (e.g., a new hire, rehire, or retire).


PeopleDoc (now UKG) and ARAGO Consulting worked with their existing SAP customers to deepen the integration between SAP SuccessFactors and PeopleDoc (now UKG).


The new solution includes an SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Extension, available in the SAP App Center, enables SAP SuccessFactors’ customers to take advantage of the latest innovations in employee case and file management.


“With over 10,000 employees, streamlining our employee contract process is a top priority,”
David AnthoniozHR Stream Expert, Givaudan


“PeopleDoc for SAP SuccessFactors”: a solution to simplify HR applications


PeopleDoc for Success Factors provides a tight integration between SAP SuccessFactors and PeopleDoc (now UKG) to give users:


  • Ease of use: HR and people managers can access PeopleDoc (now UKG) services from within SAP SuccessFactors.
  • Real-time responsiveness: PeopleDoc (now UKG) functions, such as document generation and employee request initiation, can be triggered by transactions in SAP SuccessFactors.
  • Personalization: PeopleDoc (now UKG) draws on the real-time and historical data in SAP SuccessFactors to accurately personalize employee service interactions.
  • Security: The solution includes a certified SAP application hosted and secured in SAP Data centers.
  • Fast implementation: This solution provides SAP SuccessFactors customers with rapid HR Service Delivery platform integration.

“The complementary nature of the two solutions helps HR to easily set up and orchestrate all kinds of employee processes which are not supported natively by SAP SuccessFactors”
Yannick RabaCOO, ARAGO Consulting


For organizations with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, the flow of strategic HR data from PeopleDoc (now UKG) is transparent and continuous. This flow includes real-time and historical employee data creating a seamless HR service delivery experience. PeopleDoc for SuccessFactors can take intelligent actions such as creating a personalized verification of employment document or calculating earned leave, to instantly answer an employee request.


“We worked with customers like Givaudan who are actively using both SAP SuccessFactors and PeopleDoc (now UKG) to map out the integration points that would really transform their employee experience and HR productivity,” said Clément Buyse, Co-founder and COO of PeopleDoc (now UKG). “Our joint customers’ input on how they envisioned using real-time data to automate personalized services also informed our broader robotic process automation work and ensured that PeopleDoc for SuccessFactors includes RPA for SuccessFactors.”