SAP Concur Travel and Expense

Travel, Expense and Invoice Management with 100% Cloud and Mobile SAP Concur Automation Solution

Travel and business expenses are generally the second largest item of expenditure, just after the wage bill. It is also the most difficult job to control. With SAP Concur, save time and money with an integrated Travel and Expense management solution. A Concur integrator, ARAGO Consulting will support you in your project, with an expert and personalized change management approach.


The Must Have Solution for CFOs And Business Travelers

For better visibility on expenses and valuable time for your employees, choose SAP Concur, a mobile and web solution that offers services for optimising business Travel, Expense and Invoice management, integrated to your HR information system.


  • Improved efficiency and reduced repayment times.
  • Compliance with HR policies and better compliance with expense reports.
  • Cost savings in managing fresh notes for rapid return on investment (less than one year).
  • Real-time reporting, control of expenses, and total visibility on the “expenses” item.

Making the Most of Concur Travel and Expense with Expert Project Management

The challenge for a successful Concur integration? Being supported on project management, but also on regulatory, change management, integration and functional aspects.


Both SAP Concur CCP (Concur Consulting Partner) and CIP (Certified for Implementation) certifications give ARAGO Consulting legitimacy to support business managers in change management and training to new uses induced Concur platform. As an expert in the implementation of cloud solutions, ARAGO Consulting helps you take full advantage of SAP Concur Travel and Expense’ strengths.

Employee Data Integration SAP SuccessFactors to SAP Concur

ARAGO Consulting developed a full integration to simplify Employee Data management and synchronization between SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur as well as:


  • Secure employee information and provide a comprehensive view of travel and expenses,
  • Facilitate and secure the management of expense reports,
  • Improve the employee experience,
  • Optimize the ROI of your solutions.


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Quickly extract expenses and related receipts from your SAP Concur Expense solution
with Extract-It

ARAGO Consulting developed a specific application integrated with SAP Concur


Extract-It for SAP Concur

  • Easily create your queries, Get your data quickly: you can search for expenses by project code, client name, cost center, or any other information from your Concur platform.
  • Select the data you need, Download: download one PDF that contains all expenses and receipts or use the ZIP option to get one folder with separate receipts.
  • Create your own report, Display the data that matter.
  • Save your queries, Reuse them with dynamic date.



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Anticipation, to guarantee a winning transformation

“Concretely, the role of ARAGO Consulting has been to meet the end users for the implementation of their solution, among which the travels managers, the financial directors.”
Nicolas HuynhIT Project Manager, Pernod Ricard


“100% adoption, more efficiency from user/back office perspective, integrated with our ERP, and visibility to KPIs”

Michelle Mertens Associate Director Financial Controlling & Compliance Galapagos

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5 Reasons to Implement a Travel and Expense Management Solution

Time saving, global vision on expenses, control, employee experience, ... Is a significant ROI on the processing of expense reports possible?

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