Worldwide support ARAGO Consulting

Support post Go-live,
complete and modular, available anywhere in the world

Your Human Resources Information System is now Live, after a several months project. It is now necessary to organize the life of your HRIS to answer two main challenges: to help and assist users on a daily basis and to allow the solution to evolve to integrate new functionalities and adapt to changes in the company.


With a complete and modular support offer, ARAGO Consulting can be the global partner of your HRIS.


A Complete and Modular Support Offer

At the meeting of the Information System and Human Resources, our support offer covers technical several level agreements (SLA), maintenance and releases management, and HR support that can go as far as the realization of HR operations (HR reporting, deployment, …).


Ticketing, On demand assistance, HR Admin Delegation: you choose the support your company needs.


The Very Best of SuccessFactors, HR, And HRIS

ARAGO Consulting consultants are always closer to HR concerns, with SuccessFactors expertise recognized and certified by SAP. Former and existing HR managers are part of our teams.


Global Post Go-Live Support

With our support centers in Europe, America, and Asia, we have a global reach to provide our clients with a worldwide support during and after their project, including high quality implementation and post go-live services on all their time zones.


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