Fast Track SuccessFactors la solution ARAGO Consulting
Packaged Deployment

Fast Track Approach:
HCM Cloud adoption made Simple, Faster at a Lower Cost

Fast Track approach is ARAGO Consulting’s full-suite Packaged Deployment Offering for SuccessFactors. With a complete, pre-defined package of Ready-to-Use deliverables, Fast Track approach simplifies and accelerates companies’ journey to Cloud, and reduces Costs, Risks, and Delays.


SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution

What does « Packaged Deployment » mean?

With Fast Track approach, ARAGO Consulting delivers, in just a few weeks, a complete, pre-defined HR Cloud solution based on SAP SuccessFactors Best Practices.

We use our own tailored Deployment Methodology, based on 450+ Worldwide successful project implementations.



Implementation in Weeks, not Months

From 8 to 12 weeks

Pre-Configured Scenarios

Tested and validated solution

Lower Implementation Costs

Fixed price, scope, and timelines

Address Both Standard and Unique Needs: Alignment with your Business Needs

This pre-packaged configuration is subject to adjustments to customize the solution in order to meet your specific business needs. Gap analysis workshops are used to define and predict the impact of these adjustments between the delivered solution and the target solution.

Fast Track Benefits

  • Digitalization of HR Processes with SAP SuccessFactors, the Best-in-Class, market-leading HCM solution
  • Accelerated Time to Value
  • Lower Costs and Delays, reduced Risks
  • Change Management and Skills Transfer


Fast Track Solution Scope

ARAGO Consulting ‘Fast Track’ include the following SAP SuccessFactors solutions:



With its Fast Track offerings, ARAGO Consulting is completing the qualification process for SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution based on SAP SuccessFactors.


ARAGO Consulting’s ‘Fast Track’ is listed on the SAP-qualified partner-package finder

With Fast Track Approach, Mauna Kea was able to provide HR and Employees with a Core HR in less than 4 months

“With Fast Track Approach, Mauna Kea was able to provide HR and Employees with a Core HR in less than 4 months”

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