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Integration & Implementation

Custom Developments

SuccessFactors provides a lot of In & Out possibilities. ARAGO Consulting has been working for the past two years to integrate SuccessFactors with different external tools but also to develop specific ones for our customers. Since one-year SAP provides a new set of capabilities. We are now able to develop plug-ins integrated in SuccessFactors core, with the help of HCP (Hana Cloud Platform).


SuccessFactors Functionalities Outside the Tool

SuccessFactors contains many APIs capable of accessing all the data or mainly most of it from outside the tool.


All the APIs are used to externalize content, update or make data available inside other companies’ tools. The current custom development made by ARAGO Consulting were around externalization of to-do list inside an internal portal, custom recruiting portals or localization of maintenance. We help customers & develop specific tools that can help their employees.


HCP (Hana Cloud Platform)

The foundation of the extension package is the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. It is an open, standard based PaaS environment that allows customers, developers, and partners to build, customize, deploy, and manage cloud-based applications in SAP data centers around the world.


Built on the SAP HANA database, this platform is the industry’s only PaaS environment that comes with the power of in-memory computing. It also has comprehensive application and database services, including built-in functionality for today’s always-on, mobile, social, and data-driven world.


Comprehensive multilevel security measures are built into SAP HANA Cloud Platform to meet industry-standard compliance certifications and protect mission-critical business data and assets. This built-in protection extends from maintaining strong physical security at the data center level to safeguarding customer data and enabling full service reliability.


PRD (Plateau Report designer)

The SuccessFactors Training (or “Learning”) module delivers more than 140 native reports for managers, assistants and trainers. However, these reports do not always meet the specific needs of our customers. That’s why we provide resources that can enrich, concatenate, and improve reports, by fully customizing them.


A training plan calculation may vary from one company to another, as well as internal audit reports. The tool named PRD (Plateau Report Designer) which exploits the BIRT language allows us an almost total freedom.