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SAP Analytics Cloud,
Meet the challenges of HR management in just a few clicks

With their innovative, powerful analytics, collaboration and data visualization features, new Business Intelligence solutions make HR Reporting available to everyone, in just a few clicks!


Responding to HR Management Challenges

SAP Analytics Cloud new Business Intelligence (BI) solution  is 100% cloud, simple and user friendly, and natively connected to SAP SuccessFactors and all your other tools, allowing you to build all your dashboards in a few clicks for HR performance, payroll forecasts, headcount reporting.


With BI tools in the cloud, commissioning is simplified, IT requirements are streamlined and cost-effectiveness is accelerated.


The possibilities of analysis are extended so you can make the data “talk”, the visualization of data can be modified by users, the sharing is simplified thanks to collaborative functions.


Anticipating HR Reporting Needs

Regular and relevant monitoring of the HR activity necessitates a process of needs requirement and thinking about the categorization and format of data at the very beginning of any project to set up an HRIS. What are the indicators, filters and analysis criteria to meet the business constraints?


Main Indicators and Dashboards

With numerous HRIS projects implemented in various sectors and organizations, we identified the priority topics for HR analysis and reporting.


For core HR, priority is given to the headcount reporting and monitoring of the following indicators:


  • FTE, age pyramid and length of service
  • In / Out Scoreboard (by country, by company, with reasons for departure)
  • Turn over
  • Audit of the core HR processes
  • Recruitment failure rate (analyzed by type of contract).


Talent management is based on a number of monitoring and measurement tools that include Talent Map, Performance Tracking, Performance versus Potential, Newcomer Performance (Performance and Succession Plan, etc.


The recruitment activity is based on reports such as the Candidate Dashboard and the Posting Dashboard.


Operational Reporting

SAP offers predefined standard & compliance reports, tiles, dashboards and embedded analytics across all modules.

These standard reports can be found in different types of reports like Online Report Designer, Ad-Hoc Reporting, Dashboard and Tile Builder.


In addition to those standard reports, ARAGO Consulting can develop custom reports that meet your specific business requirements. Proposed types of custom reports are YouCalc Dashboards, BIRT, Spreadsheets, Compensation Statements and Pixel Perfect Talent Cards.


Strategic Reporting

Strategic Reporting is covered by the products Workforce Analytics and Worforce Planning.

Workforce Analytics allows to integrate HR, talent, and business data from disparate sources. It provides headlines interpretive insights, talent flow & advanced analytics, predictive modelling and benchmarking.

Workforce Planning allows scenario driven demand and supply forecasting. It provides risk analysis & strategy guidance, impact and cost modelling and tactical and strategic forecasting.