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365Talents for SuccessFactors :
Support your employees in managing their careers

365Talents is the platform helping you capitalise on internal skills to help you with skills mapping, mobility, staffing and employee development. Thanks to the native integration of 365Talents with SAP SuccessFactors developed by ARAGO Consulting, you optimise the return on investment of your SuccessFactors Talent Management solution.

Get your HR data interpretation to maximize the return on investment
of your SuccessFactors Talent Management solutions

  • Transform your Annual Review Data into action plans
  • Boost the mapping of skills to optimize the Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Personalize and enhance the value of Training Path
  • Deploy your Internal Talent Marketplace in just 6 weeks.

This app will boost your Talents in SuccessFactors!
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Simplifying career paths within the company, engaging employees,  boosting internal mobility

Capture and capitalize on new dynamic data
to boost your efficiency on SAP SuccessFactors

365Talents for SuccessFactors

Mapping and Strategic Workforce Planning made easier and better

This new information on skills and positions feeds our “Skills Centric” analytics modules to help you visualize and act on supply, demand and skill gaps.

A reference skill set is brought to life and gains depth and precision every day. HR teams stay in control and manage this dynamic structure, with Real-time visibility on the actual skills in your company.

As a result, you obtain a true mapping system and you can put these talents into perspective against your operational and strategic needs.


Internal Talent Marketplace

Our Internal Talent Marketplace uses this exclusive data and allows you to effectively implement your action plans, by simplifying the mobility and skills development mechanisms, while empowering your employees.

Make personalised opportunities suggestions to each of your employees according to their skills, experience and appetites.

Staffing: Get more matching for offers and talents

Whether for internal assignments or those for external clients, identify your experts in just a few clicks and enlist better candidates for each project.

365Talents for SuccessFactors:
A modular and progressive integration to support you

In our support approach, we will look together at the existing data as well as the usage of your users to define the right steps for your needs.


365Talents for SuccessFactors

Benefits from the strengths of the two solutions combined

  • Accurate view of competencies thanks to a wealth of Skills Centric data accessible from a single tool.
  • A new enriched profile to better engage employees in HR processes and to make talent management, talent search and staffing, and repository updates easier.
  • An improved and structured skills repository to better manage expertise.
  • A better definition of jobs and skills to to define expectations.
  • Mobility and succession planning based on more efficient matching.
  • Training suggestions based on company and employee needs, in line with their skills and career path.
  • A more relevant Talent Search with more skills and ways to express them.
  • More in-depth skills assessments to better support your employees.

Personalize the development of your employees,
and boost the efficiency of Talent Management!

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Employee engagement and Talent management powered by Artificial Intelligence

A semantic analysis engine, data reconciliation, bridges between languages, a matching engine and user experience: the 365Talents platform includes a powerful AI engine.

Our machine learning algorithms process large volumes of data. We analyse and outline your employees’ assets to match them with your company’s needs.