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Recruiting & Onboarding:
From sourcing to hiring and integration, innovate!

Artificial intelligence and new technologies for recruitment and employer brand: SuccessFactors Recruiting is a complete, collaborative, and mobile ATS that helps companies hire better by attracting, engaging, selecting, and onboarding the best fit talent. Leading Employee Referrals solution Firstbird integrates seamlessly with SAP SuccessFactors.

Take Your Recruiting Process to The Next Level

SuccessFactors Recruiting combines in a single platform:

  • Recruiting Marketing: improve your ability to identify, attract and interest the best candidates
  • Recruiting Management: optimize the selection and hiring of the most suitable profiles
  • Key steps in the integration process of your new employees: strengthen their motivation and improve staff turnover management.


Thanks to full integration with SuccessFactors Business Execution Suite, HR can combine recruiting with strategies for workforce planning, succession, onboarding, and more. ARAGO Consulting helps you to set up the dashboards and reports for managing and monitoring the entire process.


Recruiting Management

SuccessFactors Recruiting features cover requisition, candidate, offer, and interview management, plus search, matching, reporting, compliance, and competency-based ratings. The intuitive interface increases easy adoption by hiring managers, and SuccessFactors Jam collaboration solution improves collaboration throughout the whole process.
You get real-time information from the actors of the process to optimize candidates’ response time.  Your recruitment process is dynamic: from your smartphone or tablet you can submit an opinion on a candidate, comment and approve requests and offers.


Data-Driven Recruiting Marketing

SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing provides assistance to implement data-driven, automated, multichannel marketing activities in order to increase the visibility of your offers, improve your employer branding, attract and engage candidates -even passive ones. You focus on most effective channels to reach the best candidates, build dedicated campaigns and see results easily through intuitive dashboards based on key metrics such as return on investment (ROI), time to fill, budget savings, and other.


Multichannel Recruitment Campaigns

SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing provides you the tools to make the best of social networks, search engines and mobile technologies. Your implementation is based on a customized, interactive and multichannel approach: lead your jobs to the best candidates, with an appropriate message at the most suitable moment. Each new job posting generates a real marketing campaign: it must appear exactly when and where the best candidates will seek it on their mobile devices or on their favorite social network. You draw attention to the best candidates and get them interested in your company.


Global job posting

Your jobs are automatically posted to thousands of partners, recruitment sites and schools worldwide. You can track and improve, from SuccessFactors, the performance of each site you use, saving you time.


Onboarding gets new hires in the door and contributing quickly to your company’s business goals. You can transition candidates to employees with a seamless workflow that streamlines the process and paperwork before day one, and then gets your new hire ramped up fast with our employee network and content-sharing solution. A welcome and well-prepared integration strategy reinforces commitment and motivation, and promote rapid contribution to achieve company’s objectives, with some impact on employee loyalty.

Make referrals your #1 recruiting channel, with Firstbird!

FirstbirdEmployee referrals can be the most successful recruiting channel… but your referrals program needs to go digital!

Integrated with your HRIS or ATS, the Firstbird solution allows you to digitize your referrals program. Recruiting teams and employees collaborate effectively to increase the visibility of your jobs on social networks, and especially with “passive” candidates. You increase engagement through gamification & communication. You multiply the reach of your recruiting network.

Témoignage client ARAGO Consulting : Puratos

“The new recruitment system facilitates the attraction and acquisition of talent all over the world.”

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An innovative recruitment solution for the World Food Program

“An innovative recruitment solution for the World Food Program”

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Témoignage client ARAGO Consulting : Eramet

“Our goal is to facilitate our future employees integration and to create a privileged link.”

Frédéric Crey Compensation and HRIS Manager Eramet

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