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Human Resources

HR Service Delivery

UKG HR Service Delivery for SuccessFactors, the first integrated solution for HR services dedicated to SAP SuccessFactors customers

Adapt HR practices to the expectations of employees, the challenges of tomorrow and the image that we want to transmit to younger generations with a digital HR services platform integrated into the company’s HRIS.

Using both solutions UKG HR Service Delivery and SAP SuccessFactors enables HR teams to easily implement and manage all kinds of worker processes that are not natively supported by SAP SuccessFactors.


Dematerialization becomes the new engine of HR productivity

Most companies experience difficulties with their HR document management. From recruitment to retirement, HR generates many documents to print, process, organize, copy and archive.

Over 75% of companies experience risk/compliance incidents due to document process failures.

The challenge is to enable the Human Resources Department to standardize and streamline documents exchange to improve the efficiency and quality of service provided in-house.

« UKG HR Service Delivery for SuccessFactors »: a solution to simplify HR applications

For HR users and employees of the company, the integration of UKG HR Service Delivery and SuccessFactors promises to offer:

  • Ease of use: Simplified access to employee files, for both HR and managers, without leaving the SAP SuccessFactors portal.
  • Real-time data management: the generation of HR documents and the creation of automated flows are triggered by “events” on SAP SuccessFactors (registration of a new employee, new status …). UKG HR Service Delivery receives and uses the data stored on SAP SuccessFactors to personalize, in real time, the company’s HR services offer.
  • Secure Integration: The solution includes a SAP App Center Connector that is certified, hosted and secured on the SAP cloud platform.
  • Fast installation: With this application, SAP SuccessFactors customers benefit from the fastest implementation of available HR Service Delivery integrations.


For companies using SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central (Core HR in Cloud mode), the HR data flow is fluid and transparent for users. This flow is made up of both real-time data and employee history data, thus extending the use of SAP SuccessFactors to a set of HR service deliveries complete and innovative.


PeopleDoc for SuccessFactors: The App that Transforms the Employee Experience

HR digitization is a real productivity factor for companies to improve relations with employees.

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“With 10.000+ employees, streamlining the process related to the salaried employment contract was a priority.”

David Anthonioz HR Expert Givaudan

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UKG HR Service Delivery and ARAGO Consulting present « UKG HR Service Delivery for SuccessFactors »

ARAGO Consulting, leader, reseller and integrator of SAP SuccessFactors in Europe, and UKG HR Service Delivery, pioneer of HR services, have developed and marketed the application “UKG HR Service Delivery for SuccessFactors”: a solution designed for SAP SuccessFactors customers who want to streamline the collaborative experience for all stages of the employee’s life cycle (hiring, re-employment, retirement).

Both partners worked with their joint customers, SAP SuccessFactors users, to deepen the level of integration of SAP SuccessFactors and UKG HR Service Delivery solutions. Certified by SAP and available on the SAP App Center, this innovation now allows users to have extensive use of management of employee files.

David Anthonioz, HR expert at the Givaudan Group, explains that “UKG HR Service Delivery for SuccessFactors is able to instantly generate a personalized contract for each new hiring, from the template chosen (among 200 templates). It also allows to complete the contract using SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central data in real time and follow the document for validation and electronic signature, to complete the contracting process … This automation saves a lot of time. “


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