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HR Digitization

Extended and Comprehensive Learning Management System Offer

By integrating SuccessFactors Learning with Training Orchestra, 360 Learning, MobieTrain, SAP Enable Now or Allos MyMeta, ARAGO Consulting offers an extensive, comprehensive and modular Training Management solution, that effectively meets all the companies’ training needs.


Managing a Wide and Attractive Training Offer

Digitization of training courses, collaborative learning, on-demand training programs, which combine classroom training, e-learning, video, MOOC, coaching, gaming, etc. Training has reinvented itself: multifaceted, multi-channel, at the heart of HR issues such as employer brand and employee experience. In our professional world in deep transformation, training is key in the evolution of skills and careers. Training departments therefore need tools to effectively manage company’s training plan and a wide and attractive training offer.


Digitizing Training Courses

SAP SuccessFactors Learning solution offers blended learning capabilities to create programs that combine internal and external items and content to support self-based training.  Training is related to individual and / or collective development and performance objectives, career and succession plans, and legal and regulatory obligations related to the activity of the company. With SuccessFactors LMS, companies deploy a global training strategy including classroom training, e-learning, blended learning, exams and certifications.


Training Plan: from Forecast to Actuals

Integrated with SuccessFactors Learning, the Training Orchestra solution optimizes the process of collecting requirements, managing and monitoring plan and off-plan requests, and keeping control of the training budget at any time.


Collaborative Learning: a Learner-Centered Approach

Learn together to better develop your skills … Collaborative learning is an immersive training experience made possible by:

  • a true culture of continuous training and feedback, integrated in the heart of work processes,
  • an active posture of the learner, who is actor of his own training path and career,
  • cooperation between the Training Department and all the departments to align training projects with the organisation’s strategy.

360 Learning is a digital (co) authoring tool that allows you to engage identified experts within the company. They can share their knowledge and best practices by creating training modules quickly and easily.

Integrated with SuccessFactors Learning, 360 Learning enhances the internal training catalog with original and extremely qualitative modules on company-specific processes.


Microlearning and Gamification: Boost Employee Knowledge and Performance

MobieTrain is a mobile training platform that improves knowledge retention with personalized, gamified learning paths. 5 minutes a day is all it takes to build knowledge and provide standout user experiences.

Content is short, targeted, and may contain videos. Each level is validated by a knowledge assessment.

This new, user-friendly, and intuitive learning layout is suitable for “millennials”. It is also popular with people who have little time for learning or who have infrequent access to a computer, such as top management, or employees of the banking or retail, …


Digital Adoption: a real Answer to a real Challenge

With myMeta, no more need for user manuals. Support to your SuccessFactors solution usage is now live, on the screen. Users are guided step by step, click by click, in their navigation in the tool. Short and clear guidelines as well as explanatory videos make myMeta the essential compass for the web tool adoption within modern companies.


A Consistent Message, with a Global Impact

SAP Enable Now is a multimodal knowledge content production and management solution: it is the ideal toolbox for operating at all levels, from communication to e-learning, to drive user digital adoption. Thanks to SAP Enable Now, organizations can produce qualitative documentation and set up tailor-made learning paths, going as far as simulating the use process within the tool itself. They also benefit from a library of standard reference content, which they can enrich with their own content. They can finally make their e-learning content, created via the integrated authoring tool, available to learners in the SuccessFactors Learning catalog in order to reach and train the largest number or, conversely, the specifically targeted population.


A Social Network to Reinforce a Culture of Continuous and Collaborative Learning

SAP Jam is a collaborative social network, available within SuccessFactors.

It is a customizable space of debate, allowing the launch of surveys, document exchange… according to different levels of confidentiality.

In its Advanced Plus version, SAP Jam Collaboration can be integrated with the LMS and allows:

  • search for content via the training catalog,
  • the association of discussion groups with training activities.

Used to its full potential, it can replace a document management system and an intranet.