SAP Qualtrics People Experience

Qualtrics, Put Experience at the Heart of Your Strategy

SAP Qualtrics is an Experience Management cloud platform that aims to collect feedback in order to perform 360-degree evalutations.


Experience at the heart of your strategy



The Qualtrics Experience Management platform is designed to measure, prioritize and optimize the experiences offered by your company to your customers, employees, prospects, users, partners, suppliers or investors.


SAP Qualtrics can enhance the experience of 4 strategic segments of the company:


  • Customer
  • Employee
  • Brand
  • Product


Through the Qualtrics solution, you can organize, streamline and simplify the collection and analysis of feedback.


ARAGO Consulting supports you in the implementation of SAP Qualtrics Experience Management platform on the Employee Experience topic.



Employee Experience


By offering a new and adapted experience, a company can increase the engagement and the productivity of the employees. A solution such as SAP Qualtrics makes possible to drive employee engagement throughout their life in the company. From the Onboarding phase, the company improves the experience it offers to optimize career management for its employees.



The benefits of the Qualtrics solution


The Qualtrics solution, set up by ARAGO Consulting, offers many benefits in the management of the employee experience :


  • Comprehensive and impactful surveys
  • Multichannel communication
  • Facilitated management of respondents
  • Secure data processing
  • Relevant statistics
  • Simple and automatic reports



Our consultants, certified by SAP, are qualified to integrate Qualtrics into your talent management strategy and allow you to benefit from the combined power of Qualtrics + SuccessFactors.