Digital Adoption Extension: <br>myMeta for a quick, easy and efficient digital solution adoption

Digital Adoption Extension:
myMeta for a quick, easy and efficient digital solution adoption

myMeta is a real Answer to a real Challenge: make software Adoption easier and enhance the User Experience.



myMeta is a compass to Guide, Help, Engage and Train users in Adopting any new digital solution


  • Minimize costs and periods of training and onboarding
  • Optimize learning and performance results on software
  • Empower, engage and motivate your employees
  • Cut down Help Desk requests on how to and data correction
  • Improve user experience without modifying your application.
  • Grant assistance to your employees also through tips, notifications and videos.

With myMeta, no more need for user manuals!

Support to your solution usage is now live, on the screen.

myMeta is the compass that leads users through their every step, always suggesting what to do next. They are guided step by step, click by click, in their navigation in the tool, with embedded guidance, short and clear guidelines as well as explanatory videos.

A digital guidance embedded into your web applications

myMeta is an independent software, compatible with the most popular web applications, in particular SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Fieldglass, SAP Concur.

A tool for the whole company population, no matter the job position, the location and working language.


myMeta is specifically configured for SuccessFactors Performance and Goals module.

myMeta can also be embedded into our innovative cloud solutions such as Success2Learning, and our pre-packaged Fast Track SuccessFactors configurations.


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The tool that brings your solutions to the next level

Want to make complex screens clearer?

myMeta adapts their look and feel!


Need to highlight the most important information?

myMeta puts the focus on it!


Need to simplify complex or heavy screens?

myMeta hides what is not relevant!


Need to secure the data quality of your system?

myMeta pre-fills the fields, makes them mandatory, and controls their format!


Want to provide complementary documentation about a key topic?

myMeta makes it reachable in one click!


Need to help your users provide their yearly objectives?

myMeta guides them!


Your LMS Admins are lost when creating training sessions?

myMeta shows them the way!





Digital transformations fail due to a lack of user adoption and behavioural change. (PwC)

Survey respondents say they have experienced some form of change fatigue. (Strategy & Global Culture and Change Management Survey)

Senior executives say that their biggest challenge is getting their staff to use the software. (Merkle Group)

The myMeta demo for a quick, simple and efficient adoption of your digital solutions

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