HUMANOO, an innovative and engaging B2B health application, and employee experience booster

HUMANOO is a B2B digital health platform that empowers employees to improve their health and wellbeing, and helps companies to improve the employee experience and maximise engagement.

How HUMANOO works

humanoo coachingHealth Care Anytime, Anywhere

HUMANOO empower employees to achieve their personal health goals, anytime, anywhere, through a holistic and individualised approach.

HUMANOO offers both on-demand and 1:1 coaching
The app provides them with over 3,000 personalised coaching programmes, videos and audio sessions across health prevention, fitness, mindfulness and nutrition.

Community and Challenges humanoo progress and rewards

Teams are motivated and engaged through a community-driven approach which delivers activities and group challenges focused on fitness, education and mindfulness.
Building challenges that engage your teams creates a sense of community and belonging within the organisation, whilst delivering healthy outcomes for your people.

Outcomes and Rewards

Rewards provide better outcomes. By offering rewards for health activity in the App, we increase engagement and long term commitment for wellness. Long-term and sustainable use is highly unlikely without leveraging gamification and incentives: extrinsic encouragements trigger intrinsic motivation.
This is why HUMANOO rewards commitment through exclusive discounts and cash rewards.

HUMANOO: a valuable tool for HR committed to an employee experience policy

The HUMANOO application is a powerful lever of motivation, commitment and productivity

For HR, HUMANOO is an efficient tool combining preventative health, fitness, mindfulness and nutrition to maximise engagement with their people, improving their performance, and delivering growth for the organisation.

humanoo reportingManage your organisation’s Health goals

Organise your company’s activities through the HUMANOO calendar function: One calendar to manage all online & offline activities.
You can organise and collect feedback through tailored surveys and health risk assessments to better manage and engage your teams.


Our central planning and control tools provide actionable data, whilst maintaining personal user privacy at all times. The HR Department has valuable information to develop targeted Corporate Health and Well-being strategies.
The reduction in absenteeism is one of the most significant results.

A positive impact for employees, companies, and the environment

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ARAGO Consulting is a global HUMANOO reseller and supports companies in the integration with HCM solution

    “The combination of talent management and individual employee well-being solutions, while contributing to the well-being of the planet through supporting sustainability or charity programs, is a historic opportunity for companies to deliver positive answers in the post-pandemic quest for meaning.”
    Jean-Christophe PéaudeauCEO, ARAGO Consulting