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Extract-It for Concur Expense
Make it easy to retrieve expenses and related receipts!

With Extract-It, you can quickly extract expenses and related receipts from your Concur Expense solution, with just a few clicks. The extraction of expenses and receipts documents is a recurring, low value-added and time-consuming task. However, whether you are a project manager, auditor or financial controller, it is essential to be able to easily extract expenses and the associated receipts.

ARAGO Consulting developed a specific application integrated with Concur Expense

  • Data availability quickly, anytime: all information from your Concur Expense solution can be search criteria.
  • Security and proper use of data: users only access the data that concerns them.
  • Integration to your IT: SSO integration with Concur Expense or directly with your Active Directory.

Find our application on the SAP Concur App Center:

Easily create your queries, Get your data quickly.

With Extract-it, you can search for expenses by project code, client name, cost center, or any other information from your SAP Concur platform.

Select the data you need, Download.

Launch your query, select all expenses or only the data you need. Download one PDF that contains all expenses and receipts or use the ZIP option to get one folder with separate receipts.

Create your own report, Display the data that matter.

You can customize the extraction of your report with receipts. You decide what important information to display in your extracts, as well as the format that suits you.


Save your queries, Reuse them with dynamic date.




Global and local expertise on Concur Expense

ARAGO Consulting is a global SAP® Concur® integrator and reseller, successful since its foundation in 2010 in helping organisations drive transition to innovative cloud. SAP Concur CCP and CIP certifications give ARAGO Consulting legitimacy to support companies in driving change, integration, support and training to the latest SAP Concur solutions.


Extract-It for Concur Expense: Download your invoices from SAP Concur Expense in 3 clicks

With Extract-It, you can quickly find and extract your expense documents!

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