Optimizing Travel and Expense Strategy with SAP Concur solutions: <br data-src=

Optimizing Travel and Expense Strategy with SAP Concur solutions:
Galapagos Testimonial

What are the toughest challenges for a company as they expand, and how can executives conquer them?



Improving productivity, respect of the expense policy, better expense management and control of fraud, optimizing user-experience are some key reasons to implement a digital solution for Managing Travel and Expense.


As a biotech company, Galapagos also faces specific and strategic compliance issues. Thus, being compliant with the Sunshine Act led them to choose SAP Concur. The solution was deployed in 10 countries.


During this 30-minute webinar, Michelle Mertens, Associate Director Financial Controlling & Compliance, and An T’Seyen, Manager Internal Control at Galapagos, shared best practices around optimizing spend and travel programs, why they implemented SAP Concur, with some “quick wins” to put into practice.

They highlighted new ways intelligent enterprises are controlling costs and gaining better control over total  spend management – a crucial pillar of successful expansion, and the findings.


An and Michelle also exchanged on some trends that are the driving forces behind the change:


  • Travel and Expense is now an integral part of a company’s financial digital transformation strategy.
  • Paper receipts decline, smart receipts rise.
  • Pressure to increase productivity and simplify processes.
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement climb further and often goes hand in hand with employee safety and well-being.


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