What benefits of smartwatch apps for Human Resources?

What benefits of smartwatch apps for Human Resources?

The Apple Smartwatch was designed to help manage and improve the life of the user. Toms Guide called them “the doctor on your wrist” because the Smartwatch can monitor health issues such as heart health.


Today quoted consumers who stated that “they can really save your life.” By managing heart rates, the Smartwatch has even been known to save people from life-threatening medical conditions. It is for this reason then, that the Smartwatch, with its place at the center of user well-being, is the device that HR teams would turn to in improving the human experience within their company.


SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors, the leader in cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) software, was designed to improve the quality of HR management and therefore launch the success factor of HR teams. Combining the versatility of the Smartwatch with the structure of SAP SuccessFactors is the logical bridge between well-being and productivity. Combining the two innovative tools will improve the well-being and the success of the employee at the same time. The result is an improved human experience in HR teams.


Technology to combine the best of both

A challenge that IT teams have faced over the last few years is making a smooth transition between one technology, such as SAP HCM On-Premise, and onto SAP SuccessFactors. These teams want to make use of SAP SuccessFactors immense tool kit, but struggle to deliver that implementation smoothly to their IT system. To overcome the challenge, the IT team must address the strategic implementation of the tool to complete the original goals of the business employing SAP. For this purpose, the user interface and its accessibility are as important to the IT team as the efficiency of the software itself.


A solution is to bridge the technology of SAP SuccessFactors with a simple and familiar interface. In the case of the smartwatch, the employee uses this device in everyday life for highly personal purposes anyway. The smartwatch is a physically near and familiar tool that is a logical interface for general use in the HR IT system.


ARAGO Consulting is an SAP Gold Partner that specializes in SAP SuccessFactors and SAP HCM On-Premises solutions. The ARAGO Consulting team explores all the possible ways to improve the way the business functions. This tools include Smartwatch functions to keep HR teams always in sync with one another’s plans. It also provides tools such as conversational AI chatbots uniquely tailored to the needs of HR teams.


How merging SAP SuccessFactors to Smartwatch is beneficial

The ARAGO Consulting technology combines the smartwatch to provide real-time HR Services. The ARAGO Consulting technology makes “HR on your wrist” available through the SAP App Center.


This app includes roll calls for employees. The tool provides quotas and absence reports for the HR department’s convenience.The smartwatch makes it easy to keep up with this roster, because it is worn on the wrist, and is conveniently available on the user’s person along with the time.


The quotas sheet also makes key information visible and effortless to locate in the system. This quota time on the watch shows the user how many days are left, permitting for holidays when feasible. This knowledge of who is present and who is absent allows for easy delegation of tasks.


The smartwatch time also allows for the manager to approve time requests. This allows for flexible forecasting of time on and off for the employees who are delegated to a specific project. By the same logic, the system interface shows a countdown of how many days before an absent employee will return. There is also a time request queue so that employees’ time requests are available in the system for planning around their absence and presence.


How SAP SuccessFactors works

Tools built from SAP SuccessFactors include performance management, goal management, recruiting management, recruiting marketing, onboarding systems, and so on. The SAP SuccessFactors ebook is available here.


“HR on your wrist” keeps things simple

The tools provided by the SuccessFactors HXM tools pair with the ARAGO Consulting Smartwatch tools to simplify the human experience of the tools. Overcomplication is one of the major frustration factors of teams trying to supply their HR department with a fully functional software kit. Keeping it simple, hiding the innovation behind the ease-of-access that saves time and makes time.


Empowered scheduling improves work culture

By reflex, tools that help schedule holidays and improve the work-life balance also improve the office culture. Employees who know they can request time and have a flexible schedule are more enthusiastic about their role at the company. This attracts younger employees to the workforce, and increases their chances of a long-term role at the company.


Overall, providing your HR department with easy and ready tools such as the ARAGO Consulting Smartwatch with SAP SuccessFactors, will influence a healthy circulation through the whole business.