With “Extract-It for Concur Expense”, ARAGO Consulting simplifies the re-invoicing process

With “Extract-It for Concur Expense”, ARAGO Consulting simplifies the re-invoicing process

An implementation partner of SAP Concur, ARAGO Consulting has devised a solution to facilitate and automate internal and external re-invoicing. The development of ‘“Extract-It for Concur Expense” was inspired by the personal experience of ARAGO Consulting consultants.


“We re-invoice our clients ourselves, which amounts to a relatively large sum of money. If this process, carried out manually, is not done properly by the teams – the omission of an expense for example – it has a strong impact on the net margin”, explains Damien Morvan, SAP Concur Pre-Sales Manager at ARAGO Consulting.


“Extract-It for Concur Expense” is aimed at companies that already use SAP Concur Expense, but who must re-invoice costs to customers or internally (with another entity in their group, for example). Until now, employees had to manually extract meal, accommodation or travel expenses, with their receipts, and attach them to the invoice linked to a mission. In addition to the time spent on this task, which could be devoted to missions with higher added value for the company, the risk of omission and error is real and can have a negative financial impact on an organization.


ARAGO Consulting created “Extract-It for Concur Expense” to solve this issue. It extracts expenses in just a few clicks.


How does it work? From Extract-It, all you have to do is search for expenses by project code, customer name, cost centre or any other accessible information. Once selected, the expenses, with their supporting documents, can be downloaded in PDF format. It is possible for employees to save their queries, to reuse them later.


By automating the extraction of expenses, Extract-It offers many advantages:


  • It saves employees’ time


With Extract-It, the teams in charge of expense reports and re-invoicing can focus on, devoting their time to tasks with higher added value, which ultimately contributes to greater daily satisfaction.


  • The company saves money


Time is money! By saving employees’ time – whether they are project managers, auditors or financial controllers – this also cuts costs for the company. For example, organizations that have decided to automate their expense management have reduced the cost of processing expense reports by more than 70%*.


  • It enhances data quality in real time


Thanks to automation and digitization, Extract-It strengthens the traceability of data and documents provided for re-invoicing. With the dynamic update, Extract-It instantly brings up the expenses recorded in real time. Teams are guaranteed not to overlook any invoices.


  • It ensures data security


As with the use of SAP Concur Expense, the security and appropriate use of data is guaranteed. It is possible to set up privacy rules and limit access to employees. Users thus only access their specific data.



  • The interface can be customized to satisfy needs


It is possible to choose the interface from several possible models , but also customize it according to needs: add and delete fields or modify the search criteria: date, amount, type of expenses, service, project, employee, etc.



  • It is integrated into the SAP Concur system


The Extract-It solution connects directly in Plug & Play mode and takes only a few hours to install. In addition, Extract-It is directly integrated with SAP Concur, which makes it possible to use the same identifier as for the existing system.



*Travel and Expense Management Report (PayStream Advisors)