ARAGO Consulting is developing several innovations based on the SAP Concur solution

ARAGO Consulting is developing several innovations based on the SAP Concur solution

An experienced and certified integrator of the SAP Concur solution, ARAGO Consulting develops innovative applications to better meet the needs of companies looking to optimize their processes through the digitalization of expense reports and professional expenses, and to maximize the benefits of Concur.


For several years, SAP Concur has launched a certification program to increase and secure the deployment and implementation of projects by there partner network. ARAGO Consulting, are an implementation partner, but also a user of SAP Concur solutions. Arago relies not only on there feedback, but there capacity for innovation and identification of new customer needs to develop new offers based on the SAP Concur solution, designed by its own R&D team.


“ARAGO Consulting is a partner that has been able to enter the SAP matrix and create value based on the SAP Concur solution. For a long time, the SAP mindset has been to open connections through partners who are able to respond to expressed needs. With more than 50,000 clients and part of R&D activity based in the United States, SAP Concur cannot cover all requirements, hence the importance of reaching out to partners that are motivated and are able to make the most of this connection”, underlines Christian Ketterer, Senior Security and Technology Consultant at SAP Concur.


The ‘Extract-It for Concur Expense’ solution facilitates internal and external re-invoicing

The first application developed by ARAGO Consulting, Extract-It for Concur Expense, facilitates internal or external re-invoicing of expenses, for companies using SAP Concur.


Until now, accounting teams had to manually extract all Concur Expense invoices as well as the supporting documents, as that task was not natively automated. To put an end to time-consuming and potentially error-inducing paper pushing, the Extract-It application makes it possible to use all the information contained in the SAP Concur solution in order to export invoices with any supporting documents and download them in ZIP or PDF formats.


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‘Budget-It’, the connector between SAP FI-FM (Funds Management) and SAP Concur, ensures tighter budget control


ARAGO Consulting has also designed a connector between the SAP FI-FM (Funds Management) module and SAP Concur Request and Expense: Budget-It. Intended for more than 10,000 SAP FI-FM customers, Budget-It will allow them to gain simplicity and fluidity in the management of mission orders and budgets. A sub-component of the SAP Finance (FI) module, available with SAP ECC, S/4 HANA and S/4 HANA Cloud, SAP Funds Management (FM) supports companies in the management of their funds through optimized budgeting. All companies that need to keep double-entry book-keeping (budget accounting and general accounting) are affected. These are mainly public sector organizations but also private companies for which budget control is of strategic importance.


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The SAP SuccessFactors to Concur connector simplifies HR management

ARAGO Consulting has also developed complete integration between SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur to ensure reliable, updated HR data in SAP solutions: securing information related to employees, increasing transparency in their expense claims, automating hiring and termination processes in Concur, improving the employee experience and optimizing return on investment of solutions.


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