Haufe Talent Management, <br> Concentrate on the essentials

Haufe Talent Management,
Concentrate on the essentials

Empower employees

With Haufe Talent Management, you concentrate on the essentials: the solution facilitates collaboration between executives and employees in Recruiting, Guiding and Developing their talents.

Successful Talent Management Solutions Start with People

The Haufe Talent Management Solution allows you and your organization to concentrate on the most important goals. You will enable smooth cooperation between HR, management and employees and sharpen the focus on effective collaboration. Our philosophy: The greatest facilitators of long-term success are people who do the right thing. Join forces with us to make your organization more successful by empowering everyone to work more productively on the right projects.


Applicant Management

Efficient recruiting processes are important, but excellent applicant management is one of the critical drivers of a company’s success: if you can find the right people to work for you, you will have a decisive competitive advantage.

Personnel Development

Good personnel development is not just the job of HR, it should be in the entrepreneurial DNA. Personnel development needs to become an integral part of everyday life at work.

Goal Setting

A clear goal set by mutual agreement is important for calculating performance-oriented components of compensation. But the process around the goal-setting interview has the potential to increase motivation among employees, to inspire them to go the extra mile.

Training and Development

You can create the most impactful advertising campaign, the most efficient processes, but the most valuable asset in attaining long-term success for your company will always be people. To ensure that your people remain your best asset, you must implement an effective offering that is efficiently managed so that your employees are guaranteed the best possible opportunities for personal development.

Succession Planning

Identifying successors and planning career journey are essential tasks in ensuring that key positions are never left unoccupied for any length of time. Planning the future in this way is decisive for the steady growth of the company and long-term success. Identify the most important line management and general management posts.


Complete your payment processing quickly, simply and transparently, and keep sight of the big picture and budget ceilings at all times. We additionally offer flexible adjustment options for different compensation models. So you can create efficient compensation processes and free up precious resources for value creating projects.