Using SAP SuccessFactors has never been easier!

WalkMe is a game-changing platform that instantly simplifies the online user experience. WalkMe’s solution for SuccessFactors forms a key tenant of ARAGO Consulting’s value proposition. WalkMe accelerates SuccessFactors adoption, training and onboarding, and offers an innovative approach to running a change program for a cloud-based transformation.


Think of WalkMe like a navigation system (GPS) for your HCM SuccessFactors system

WalkMe is an innovative learning tool to simplify user experience and drive users to action as they use softwares or websites,using insights, engagement and guidance capabilities.

Simplifies user experience

  • Provides on-screen, step-by-step guidance at the moment of need, so that users can complete any task successfully.
  • Offers in-application guidance to help users navigate through key business processes on their software or website.

Drives users to action

  • Highlights new features and recommending relevant high-value offerings.
  • Without any changes to or integration with the underlying software.


Why WalkMe?

  • Accelerates onboarding and training times
  • Promotes adoption of business processes
  • Ensures continuous learning and knowledge retention
  • Reduces human-errors and office interruptions
  • Lowers training and support costs
  • Streamlines migration to SAP SuccessFactors.



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