SuccessFactors Succession & Development Solution

A dynamic, comprehensive and fair career management policy commensurate with your enterprise's challenges

Successful business execution requires the right people in the right places for maximum impact throughout the organisation. SuccessFactors Succession and Development gives HR the visibility and insight to easily identify, develop, and retain talent at every level of the company, in order to anticipate and bridge the talent gaps in the organisation.

SAP Recognized Expertise in SAP SuccessFactors Talent Solutions

People review and workforce insight

The HR department gains visibility into employee's experience, expertise, performance, and career aspirations. Employee's track records and gained experience can be visualised through mapping every career change with the level of experience achieved.

Employee, role, and position succession models

Succession models help HR anticipate and manage organisation changes, minimize the impact of unexpected attrition and secure talent continuity through employee evaluation combined with proactive training programs and department hiring plans.

Career and Development Planning

Career and Development Management aims to meet the best balance between the needs for the company in talents and the expectations of the employees as regards work and future job opportunities. Talents are focused on advancing their careers. Career and Development Planning helps HR identify the company's future leaders, accelerate their development, maximise their value, and retain top talents helping them to build career development plans, and tracking their progress.


Calibration provides a streamlined process with credible indicators and ratings in order to rank employees objectively,  to compare talent across teams on dimensions such as work experience, education, competency, leadership skills, and geographical mobility, and ultimately to identify top performers.

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