SAP JAM social collaboration

Social collaboration that drives exceptional performance

The transformation that has been happening over the past few years is changing the nature of the HR role from this transactional to transformational role.
Changing Dynamic in HR is now supporting continuous learning, networks of expertise, onboarding and digitalization. SAP JAM delivers secure social collaboration where you work – inside your applications, on your mobile device, or in SAP Jam itself. Break down barriers between teams, eliminate information silos, and bring social tools into any business process.

Connect and engage employees driving collaboration among experts

SAP JAM provides a flexible, easy to use solution for connecting employees, business units, and HR. Whether working on a task force or special project, or regular ongoing departmental interactions, it is key to add support for collaboration that helps employees get their work done.

Social onboarding: reduce time to contribution of new hires or transitioning employees

To help employees to get productive and increase retention, it’s critical to get new hires comfortable with your company’s strategy and to ensure that they understand their role. SAP JAM provides a community where new hires can engage with one another, work together on onboarding activities, and receive support from experts in other departments, such as human resources, payroll, facilities, and IT.

Integrating formal and social learning with SAP Jam and SuccessFactors Learning (LMS)

From within the Learning Management System (LMS), users can search the LMS catalog and related JAM elements will show up under the Social Learning tab. Users can access SAP JAM groups associated with courses, create an SAP JAM group from the LMS system, supplementing formal training with user-contributed videos, blogs, and content.
Learners automatically receive invites to SAP Jam after booking in SAP LSO, and are guided to SAP Jam learning groups from the SAP LSO portal. Topic-based communities support sharing of best practices, documents, and Q&A. Formal learning is supplemented with user-contributed videos, blogs, and content.


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