OpenText ECM

Digitization of employee file with OpenText Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors

ARAGO Consulting is an OpenText Extended Enterprise Content Management for SuccessFactors reseller and service provider. Fully integrated with SuccessFactors, OpenText ECM suite allows HR to accelerate their day-to-day activities while effectively managing the new digital workforce.


Redefine employee engagement while effectively managing the new digital workforce

  • Employee file documents digitization and automation.
  • Easy, immediate access to employee documents through SAP SuccessFactors, improving employee engagement levels.
  • Better compliance of records management with rules established by HR Administration in a secure and centralized repository.
  • Personalized communication and omni-channel delivery for improved workforce engagement through document generation within the SAP SuccessFactors workflow.
  • Better HR business partner efficiency with increased first call resolution rate by providing the relevant information at the fingertips of the HR business partner.

Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors provides maximum flexibility with Cloud, On-Premise and Hybrid deployment options.

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