PeopleDoc for SuccessFactors

A digital HR Document Management solution dedicated to SAP SuccessFactors customers

PeopleDoc for SuccessFactors is the integration between PeopleDoc and SuccessFactors, developed by ARAGO Consulting, in order to centralize all employee-related documents, streamline HR processes, and provide the organization with one complete picture of the employee documents.

Dematerialization becomes the new engine of HR productivity

Most companies experience difficulties within their HR document management. From recruitment to retirement, HR generates many documents to print, process, organize, copy and archive.

Over 75% of companies experience risk/compliance incidents due to document process failures.

The challenge is to enable the Human Resources Department to standardize and streamline documents exchange to improve the efficiency and quality of service provided in-house.

With the "PeopleDoc for SuccessFactors" application HR document generation uses employee information collected in the HR system in order to:

  • Add new employee synchronization
  • Create ‘on the go’ documents and populate a PeopleDoc employee folder
  • Manage events with SuccessFactors
  • Share and manage templates
  • Provide assisted generation for managers on their direct reports
  • Provide up to date data all the time, without the need of a double administration.


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