Sebia: modernization of HR practices with SAP SuccessFactors

Sebia is the world’s leading supplier of clinical protein electrophoresis equipment and reagents and disease monitoring systems. In 2019, while the Group was undergoing transformation and growth (in turnover and therefore in workforce), with a global presence in 120 countries, a new human resources team decided to professionalize practices. “Senior management wanted to communicate better and strengthen cross-cutting processes, in particular with our fifteen subsidiaries and decompartmentalize the businesses. We therefore needed a tool capable of streamlining our relatively complex and time-consuming processes”, summarizes Christophe Bégis, CIO of the Sebia Group.


Hence the implementation of HRMS based on SAP SuccessFactors, commissioned in mid-2020, for which Sebia was supported by ARAGO Consulting. “They offered us the most relevant solution. Our goal was to implement as many modules as possible, as quickly as possible and cover as many needs as possible. We needed to control all the recruitment processes, with more fluidity and visibility”, continues Christophe Bégis.


The implementation of the SAP SuccessFactors project

After in-depth work on the definition and automation of HR processes carried out upstream, several modules have been rolled out, in particular Core HR, Performance & Goals, Compensation, Learning, etc. ”ARAGO Consulting really helped us set up a relevant, responsive and fluid solution, in particular with their Fast Track approach (a pre-packaged project based on market best practices and a complete pack of ready-to-use deliverables). The aim was to facilitate and speed up the configuration of the solution, by providing the most qualified specialists for each module required. Result: they took charge of everything, we knew where we were going and we met the deadlines, with one single deployment for the whole group, through a transfer of skills”, explains Christophe Bégis, who also entrusted ARAGO Consulting with the solution’s TPM. “I have absolute faith in the solution which allows me to check the workloads of the IT teams. The ARAGO teams are highly responsive”. Users are very satisfied with this development in HR practices and were quick to adopt the solution. In 2022, Sebia plans to deploy the Leave Management module, currently run by a specific system, which will therefore be abandoned.


Mutual trust and long-term collaboration

ARAGO Consulting also intervened to extend the use of SAP Concur, the SAP solution for digitizing expense expenses management, previously limited to France. “We deployed SAP Concur in twelve subsidiaries abroad, in three waves”, recalls Christophe Bégis. Here again, it was delivered on time with ARAGO Consulting’s Fast Track approach. For Sebia’s CIO, the integrator’s role is essential in the success of this type of project, which, by definition, is strategic for an international group, dealing with complex issues. “The integrator knows what we can and cannot do, sets the pace and focuses on the essentials. In particular, this means sticking to the standard solution as much as possible while avoiding specific developments, which are always risky. With ARAGO Consulting, we were supported by quality teams who want to get things done”, adds Christophe Bégis.


The main benefits

  • Harmonization of all HR practices worldwide.
  • A single master system for all HR data.
  • Administrative efficiency gains.
  • Better visibility of roles in the company.
  • Improved data quality.
  • Precise management of the payroll and instant monitoring of the workforce, with real-time reporting at group level.


The Sebia Group in brief

  • The world’s leading supplier of clinical protein electrophoresis equipment and reagents and disease surveillance systems, present in 120 countries worldwide.
  • Workforce: 720 people.
  • 14 subsidiaries and representative offices.


Source : USF