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Extended, Comprehensive and Modular Learning Management Offer

ARAGO Consulting offers an extensive, comprehensive and modular Training Management solution. Success2Learning effectively meets all the companies’ training needs.


Managing a Wide and Attractive Training Offer

Digitization of training courses, collaborative learning, on-demand training programs, which combine classroom training, e-learning, video, MOOC, coaching, gaming, etc. Training has reinvented itself: multifaceted, multi-channel, at the heart of HR issues such as employer brand and employee experience. In our professional world in deep transformation, training is key in the evolution of skills and careers. Training departments therefore need tools to effectively manage company’s training plan and a wide and attractive training offer.



Success2Learning… an Expertise

Relying on a strong team of experts, ARAGO Consulting supports organizations with answering their learning development challenges. Based on our deep knowledge and experience, we analyze your needs and offer you a tailor-made response, made up of one or a combination of the best learning software.


Our model is flexible, modular and evolutive, to answer your potential future challenge and accompany your growth.

Success2Learning… a Personalized Offer

Talent and Competency Development

In a deeply changing labor market, employees must be trained all along their working lives. The HR function must support them, but also help them master the skills they’ll need in a short, medium and long term.


The Success2Learning offer provides an answer to this main challenge by integrating with organizations’ competency library and talent development tools for smooth navigation and transparent transversal processes.
Managers and HR managers can then easily find the most appropriate training answer to their teams’ development needs, follow up on these trainings and assess their impact.


Innovative Formats

In a world where the information is everywhere, immediate, visual and interactive, people expect a lot from their digital learning journeys. Companies must adapt their learning catalogue to be attractive, available everywhere at any time, up to date and developed using the most recent technologies.


Success2Learning makes learning accessible and adapted to learning habits. It offers new and attractive formats such as gamification, MOOCs, virtual classes, mobile learning, exams and satisfaction surveys.
Companies can propose their employees an unlimited learning offer by not only providing their own home-made content, but also by integrating with a wide and ever-extending range of off-the-shelf content providers.


Training Plan & Budget Management

The Learning Departments must manage training forecast, Learning need arbitration and learning plan execution. They must validate and control the associated budget all along the process.


The Success2Learning offer proposes flexible training plan and budget management solutions and provides strong and reliable reporting.


Social & Collaborative Learning

Learn together to better develop your skills… Collaborative learning is an immersive training experience made possible by:

  • a true culture of continuous training and feedback, integrated in the heart of work processes,
  • an active posture of the learner, who is actor of his own training path and career,
  • cooperation between the Training Department and all the departments to align training projects with the organization’s strategy.


Through a digital (co)authoring tool, engage identified experts within the company. They can share their knowledge and best practices by creating training modules quickly and easily.


Their precious input will enhance the internal training catalog with original and extremely qualitative modules on company-specific processes.


Digital Software adoption

No more need for user manuals! Support to your learning solution usage is now live, on the screen. User navigation is guided step by step, click by click. Screen designs are flexible and can be branded to get the closest to your organization’s standards, and to your employee navigation habits.


Legal and Regulatory Compliance

GDPR, Cfr21 Part11… Companies are subject to more and more laws and regulations, and must be equipped with agile and flexible software that are and remain compliant at any time.


A lot of companies also need to manage and show evidence of employee certifications.


The set of tools ARAGO Consulting proposes respect these software qualification requirements and allow organizations to manage their certification processes efficiently.


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Download the Success2Learning solution sheet to learn more:


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