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Free “ COVID-19″ SAP SuccessFactors Configuration for our Customers:
Employee Health portlet

Employee Health portlet:
ARAGO Consulting’ solution to Help its Clients Collect and Manage Employee COVID-19 related Data in SAP SuccessFactors.


During specific events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, tracking information on an individual’s risk is key to help business continuity.


To allow our clients to capture and manage COVID-19 related data, we developed a specific and custom « Employee Health » section within the SAP SuccessFactors People Profile, focusing on the following main areas:

  • Employee Health & Wellbeing – how you can record data in a consistent way which is both auditable and reportable.
  • Flexible Working and Time Off – changes to time off strategies to account for varying work patterns, sick leave, quarantine time, caring time and reduced/increased employee working hours.
  • Lay-off Management – the options for managing the recording of lay-off in SuccessFactors (in line with local regulations), as well as its impact on other modules.
  • Reporting – standard and custom reporting options to analyze your data during the crisis. (*)



Either HR Department or employees can maintain the information, so you will be able to monitor and know:

  • How many employees were/are suspected/infected/recovered due to COVID-19
  • The risk level and exposure to COVID-19
  • The number of sick leave days due to COVID-19
  • Classify the employees in terms of critical activities and resources
  • The COVID-19 impact in the employee activity and workload
  • If the employee working situation has changed due to COVID-19
  • The employee current working situation
  • The company measures that were applied to the employees
  • The number of employees that don’t have all the tools needed to perform their work and know what are the missing tools.


Configuration is “privacy by default” oriented to comply with the GDPR. A dedicated notice will explain how to manage the “Employee Health” data collection according with the regulation requirements.


The data is fully reportable (*) and available at any time through several new reports to record the impact of COVID-19 on your employee population.



We offer the solution for free to our clients, with a fast configuration

(delivery in less than an hour, via remote session).


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(*) While ARAGO Consulting makes this configuration free for use and is available to implement it through a remote session without any charge, the full scope of its functionally will depend on your existing configuration and some restrictions might apply. The existence of some pre-implemented options for the Reporting functionality are required:

  • Reporting is only available for instances with Employee Central. However, data extraction and export will still be made possible.
  • Reporting is only available if ORD/Report Canvas is enabled in your instance. ORD activation/enablement is not included in this free offer.