Témoignage client ARAGO Consulting : Rexel
SAP SuccessFactors

Rexel, SuccessFactors and ARAGO Consulting:
a trusting relationship for over 10 years


Vertrieb, E-Commerce


Harmonize the whole HR processes of the group throught a global and integrated HRIS.


SAP SuccessFactors:

  • Employee Central
  • Employee Profile
  • Performance & Goals
  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Compensation
  • Succession Planning
  • Learning (France)
  • Employee Central

Rexel, SuccessFactors and ARAGO Consulting: a trusting relationship for over 10 years. Today, it's about bringing the HRIS to life to meet the new HR challenges.

Context and goals:

As a global electrical supplies distributor corporation, Rexel Group supplies tailor-made electrical equipment and services to all professionals involved in the construction, maintenance, renovation, and development of all kinds of buildings and infrastructure.


The company has over 28,000 employees in more than 35 countries, and a 13,37 Md€ in 2018 turnover.


The SuccessFactors projects began in 2018 with Rexel USA, with a progressive rollout in Europe, LATAM and APAC. In 2012, Rexel launched a program of harmonization of the group, based on the definition of standards. The first step was the transformation of human resources in order to streamline processes and functioning of the organization.

SAP SuccessFactors became the unique HRIS solution for the group.

Gradually, with the support of ARAGO Consulting, Rexel implemented new modules and deployed new countries.




  • Harmonization and alignment of HR processes within the group
  • Deployment at the subsidiaries own pace
  • Progressive adoption of a unique solution with a high level of end users satisfaction
  • A common language shared within the Group
  • Optimizing the use of the SAP SuccessFactors suite, in a context of transformation.


“ARAGO Consulting looks after our system, our business challenges and our transformation goals”
Deborah CooperGroup HRIS Manager, Rexel