Témoignage client ARAGO Consulting : Puratos

Puratos: an efficient recruiting platform with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting module and ARAGO Consulting!


Vertrieb, E-Commerce


A complete HRIS accessible to the whole Puratos Group, for all HR processes.


SAP SuccessFactors :

  • Employee Central
  • Performance Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Recruitment
  • Position management & stabilizing EC
  • Compensation management,
  • Recruiting Marketing
  • Learning Management System

With the integration of the Recruiting module to the existing SAP SuccessFactors Suite, Puratos is able to manage the entire lifecycle of staff in the group, and to promote employer brand with an effective and professional recruiting application worldwide. An "SAP Quality Award" rewarded this project in 2019.

In a nutshell:

Puratos is a leading international food company in the B2B bakery, chocolate and pastry market, helping artisans, industrial manufacturers, supermarkets and catering companies with innovative products and know-how.
The 9,000-employee company is present in 71 countries with 64 production sites in 46 countries, with an increase of 2,000 employees planned for the year 2020.


Context and Goals:

SAP SuccessFactors helps modernize Puratos‘ HR processes, such as employee lifecycle management, internal mobility, performance management, talent management, and recruiting. In this way, Puratos manages all of its head office and 71 subsidiaries around the world in one and the same HRIS.


In 2016 the SuccessFactors Recruitment Module was added to Puratos’s SF products, in order to provide the basis for the recruitment platform.


A study has shown that over 40% of the directly sourced candidates were applying on mobile devices. The implementation of SuccessFactors Recruitment Marketing (RMK) has been completed by ARAGO Consulting in 9 weeks: a speed record for an SAP project at Puratos.



With the Recruitment module and the RMK platform, the Puratos Human Resources Department has a platform and a suite of autonomous analyzes, fully integrated into the HRIS.


Several KPIs are followed carefully:

  • Improve the ability to source candidates in order to reduce the use of recruitment agencies,
  • Reinforce the impact of the employer brand,
  • Increase the number of mobile job applications,
  • Improve the candidates‘ experience.


Puratos has already seen improvements on these points. Indeed, the new recruitment system facilitates the attraction and acquisition of talent all over the world, allowing Puratos to reduce the use of external recruitment agencies by 60% to 20%, and to significantly reduce the cost of recruiting.